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Re: Adrian McCurdy: Furniture Riven from the Log

Jaw dropping awesome ....... I am freshly inspired

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

Hey choose me a random Ok ?

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

Probably not a big deal safety wise , esp. if using a saw stop.

However I wouldn't consider this to be "Fine Woodworking " , seems more like production woodworking to me . I'm sure a CNC machine can route a tenon faster than that but if I am going to pay a master craftsman to make something for me I want traditional I doubt the Shakers that Mr. Bescksvroot specializes in emulating used this technique.

Re: Spalt Your Own Lumber: What's In A Name?

Umm that rare phenomenon know as Bar & Chain Oil Red spalt ?

Re: Could This Tool Change Everything?

There sure a lot of tools on this site .....

Re: Sad Sign of the Times: Brookfield (CT) Craft Center Closes

I understand what people are saying in these comments , however before this article I had given this subject considerable thought with a different and more optimistic conclusion. I was wondering why young people today show so little interest in fine crafts, but I think maybe most people don't really get into this type of endeavor until they are older. Usually it takes a fair amount of the following items , time, money and patience. All of those are more available to middle age and older individuals as a whole. Now the economy has hit that group very hard and the things that they have lost are time , money, and patience.....

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

Getting by ..... Unfortunately I cannot afford the tools I would prefer so I find myself getting by with a number of lesser bench top models ..... Most of them are woefully inadequate. However by subscribing to the hobbies major publications I get an awful lot of good advise on how to cope with the inadequacies by using tricks , techniques, jigs, and work arounds. You asked specifically about milling stock , interestingly these same publications have articles about using routes and jigs to overcome a lack of those tools. My next powered tool purchase will be a planer most likely the Dewalt 13 " and then a joiner ( undecided about which to buy ). Aside from the obvious Fine Woodworking articles I find Shopsmith and Shop Notes very helpful ...

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