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Rustic chair

I was inspired by Paul Ruhlman's video to make this rustic chair, though mine has a couple unique twists.  This was a fun project and has a lot in common with traditional windsor chair making. the...

Cherry Pencil Post Bed

This was my second bed project.  It is similar in construction to another cherry bed I made for home (also here in the reader's gallery), but this one is a very different style.  I took inspiration...

Series of Boxes

In this project I made a number of similar boxes, 12 in all, each of a different wood or wood combination, in order to become more familiar with different woods, approaches to boxes, etc.  Each box...

Small Decorative boxes

These boxes are part of a series of twelve boxes I have been working on (off and on) in order to master techniques and experiment with woods and wood combinations.  These are made according to the...

Arts and Crafts Sideboard

I made this sideboard as part of a summer 2012 class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.  The design is from Kevin Rodel, and he was the teacher for this course.  While I did...

Shaker Round Stands

I have always admired this timeless, classic, Shaker stand.  While the design dates from the early 1800's, it still looks very contemporary.  These are near-reproductions of the original now...

Shaker Inspired Cherry Bed

This project for our guest room is based on tradiational Shaker beds but is my own interpretation. Turning the cherry posts was great fun and used the absolute maximum length of my Delta midi lathe...

Tool Chest

I needed a modest-sized tool chest to transport tools I will be using at a workshop this summer.  I wanted something fairly compact, not a "master craftsman" chest (another project for another...

Zebrawood and Walnut Jewelry Box

I made this box as a donation to a local organization's charity auction. I wanted to see how large a box I could make using my small shop and Doug Stowe's guidance about boxmaking techniques. The...

Recent comments

Re: New Jersey Tall Case Clock

Stunning clock, Rob.

Re: UPDATE: Best Workshops from the editors of Fine Woodworking

Would love to read and review this book. Thanks for the contest.

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Michael and others, I've been following this thread with interest and noted the comments about oak being a risk for some steel tools. I am not familiar with the issue. How big a risk is it in actual practice, without direct wood/metal contact? Seems to me I have seen a lot of traditional tool chests made of oak over the years.

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Actually I see you have the marking gauge, too...

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Love the project; beautiful case, Michael. I recently tacked the same challenge and am pleased to see my list of tools ended up pretty similar to yours (as a more experienced craftsman), though my layout is very different: ( Marking/mortise gauge?

I will be curious to see what your final weight is...

Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

I would love to learn some master techniques, and then pass the video on to our school's woodworking program. Thanks for the opportunity!

Re: China Cabinet in White Oak

Bpiekney, what did you use for your finish? Also, are the drawer faces a different wood, or do they just have a lot of flatsawn grain? Really beautiful cabinet!

Re: Chest with a workspace

Some great ideas that break out of traditional workbench solutions. I like the whimsy of the bench top inserts.

Re: Turn of the century cabinet makers tool chest.

What a beautiful traditional chest and fantastic inlay! I'm curious about the ebony around the drawers- did you apply the ebony before dovetailing or apply to the assembled drawer?

Re: Asian Style Stash Box

Really nice boxes. How much do the sides taper, and does the tray Jaleo taper and just rest as low as it falls in the taper?

Re: Herring Case

Awesome piece. I like maple and walnut together. Grain matching across all the drawers is a really nice touch.

Re: Herring Case

Awesome piece. I like maple and walnut together. Grain matching across all the drawers is a really nice touch.

Re: Shaker Sill Cupboard

Beautiful piece, Rob, and the kind of thing I hope to make in the near future.

Re: Tool Chest

Thanks for the positive comments - maybe there is big, classic tool chest in my future (a la the Anarchist's Tool Chest or Duncan Phyfe), but not for this purpose!

Re: UPDATED: Help a Fine Woodworker Solve a Veneer Problem

My concerns with your method would be grain match at the cross-grain cut, and producing a flat bottom in the excised area for the new patch to rest on. Running the patch the full length of the side, along the grain, would normally seem like a less visible patch, but with the binding at the edges that seems like that approach would invite a cascade of issues. If it were me, I might try johnogilvie's method first. If that did not result in a satisfactory outcome, then maybe you could still try stevefell's suggestions to make the patch less visible, seeking to grain-match the patch as best as possible. Let us know what you do and how it comes out. It's great to have people who are willing to share their challenges or mistakes so the rest of us can learn how to solve our own problems creatively!

Re: Working with reclaimed lumber, part 4

Matt, this is an inspiring project. I admire your desire to use reclaimed wood, to see the knots and flaws as "beauty marks," and the attention to detail that makes such a simple design elegant. I'm just beginning to master fine boxmaking, and youre provided a great benchmark.

Question: Did you take any steps to strengthen your mitered corners - such as a hidden spline? Can't tell from the photos.

Re: Simplify your tabletop glue-ups

Tom, I also have struggled with table top glue-ups and have resolved to try a different method next time. I was planning on using pairs of hardwood cauls, slightly curved, across the top as recommended in other places. I'm curious if you have tried this and (assuming you have) what you prefer about the method in your article. It seems reliable but time-consuming.

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