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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Many of the posters here are sharing a common set of points

The law is an ass or a variant that is the same that modern people expect to be molly coddled.

I have been using woodwork equipment for years and have not hurt myself, therefore its just user error

Whilst these are interesting points if wood workers hold to them they are swimming up stream against some very large and long running trends in society.

In the 30s I could buy a plane flight, a table saw and an automobile all 3 were likely to kill or maim me. Over time we have recognized the dangers and where possible ameliorated them. Airline safety is unrecognizable from the fragile and dangerous planes of the 30s, so to for automobiles.

Saws on the other hand have remain unchanged, particularly in the US. In many other parts of the world safety is given a higher priority and where a safety feature is identified it is mandated. But look at a 1930s table saw it is practically identical to the modern version.

It is hard to see any manufactured item where this general trend of improving safety is not true. Things are introduced and through use we see the dangers, we find ways to fix the danger. This happens in every aspect of society and has been happening since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Its even safer to be a solider than it used to be, and that would have to be a job that has DANGER written all over it.

Now that one company has introduced a clear and huge improvement in the safety of table saws it is obvious that this improvement will flow through the industry. The path may be regulatory or it may be via the courts but it is certain to happen.

And frankly as a woodworker I applaud the idea that my hobby can become safer.

So respectifully I don't think the courts are out of line here. They are firmly in line with a long running trend in society

I don't think evidence that dangerous tools can be used safely is an argument against making them safer. Statistically across the whole population of users table saws are dangerous. Making them safer is an obviously correct thing to do.

It will be interesting to see if the core idea in the saw stop technology can be extended to other dangerous tools. I hope it can.

Finally just a nod to the more expensive argument. My car has seat belts, airbags ASB and stability control as well as a high safety passenger rating. All new cars in Australia have to be like this. I am sure it cost more. but over all of the population of car drivers and passengers we are all much safer as a result.

SawStop technology is sure to end up in every saw and that is a good thing.

Re: The Ultimate "Woodworking" Quiz

Delightful Dandy Dalliance, I Dry fit all my answers, Flirted with an A answer but always I get a D

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