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Custom Fly Fishing Net

I am an avid fly fisherman and hobby woodworker. I was inspired by Greg at Sierra Nets to make my own. His nets are absolutely stunning. This is my first attempt but I'm please with the results so...

Walnut Burl Slab Shelves

I found some beautiful walnut burl slabs but they were very punky and full of worm holes. So, I carved out the worm dust and crushed some malachite stone for inlay. I have four of these slabs and...

Space saving fold down workbench

I have a three car garage that, because of my woodworking hobby, never has a car in it.  I decided to build a folding workbench that can be folded down flat to the wall when not in use.  Certainly...

Honduran Rosewood Knife Display Box

I collect knives and needed another display case, mainly for some Chris Reeve knives with Honduran Rosewood inlays. So, I chose honduran rosewood and built a small display box. All solid HR with...

Knife Display Case - Walnut and Birdseye Maple

I just completed a Walnut knife display case for my custom knives. Timmed in BE maple. Shelves are walnut with a BE maple edge routed with ogee. Top frame is BE maple with inlayed walnut. Finished...

My first cutting boards

I understand everyone has done cuting boards, but these are my first.  I did the Walnut and Mahogany board first then did the checked one with Walnut, Cherry and Bocote using the CB design...

Mahagony Patio Tables

I just finished two end tables for the patio.  I used genuine (Honduran) Mahagony.  This is only my second wood project so I am please with the end results.

Project Table - White Oak with Walnut trim and inlays

This project table was my first attempt at woodworking.  I'd built shelves in the garage but they were just rough and functional.  My wife wanted a project table for our sun room that she...

Recent comments

Re: Roosevelt Bourbon Side Table

Your two recent tables are beautiful. I am working on some maple burl slabs for knife display stands. Did you add any type of dye to darken the grain or just start with the oil. I have about 4 test blocks in various stages of finish before I tackle for my first real one. I've used Waterlox, then dye in Waterlox, gel stain under Waterlox and other formulas. Some I like, some I don't. What you have done here is the exact darker look I'm going for. The burl slabs I have are beautiful and full of figure so I don't want to screw them up.

Re: My first cutting boards

Sorry, it was pure mineral oil, sold as Butcher Block oil at Woodcraft.

Re: My first cutting boards

Thanks, I just used mineral spirits.

Re: Mahagony Patio Tables

Jacko, you might be correct about the expansion issue. However, I think that was solved for me when my wife informed me these were too nice to go outside and hijacked them for the sunroom. Now I need to build two more for outdoors and will take expansion into consideration. I plan to use IPE this time and may try to make them really ugly (maybe nails and screws) so my wife won't want them in the house.

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