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Re: Garrett Hack inspired table

Nice work. I just took a class with Garrett @ Port Townsend, and can attest that he is a great instructor and all around kick ass dude.

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

fret/coping saw, small set of screwdrivers or a multi-tip, and a couple sets of dividers.

sweet looking little chest.

paz, jarrod

Re: UPDATE: Refinishing Furniture Made Simple (with DVD) by Jeff Jewitt

mmmmmmmmmm, books.

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

@OscarMan - those are some pretty bold assumptions you are making about people who lose digits on a tablesaw. Among those "bunch of dopes" are some of the worlds best cabinet makers. Ever seen Garrett Hack's left hand? I spent half my life (15yrs) working as a cabinet & furniture maker before my accident. I'm not stupid, lazy, or dopey. I'm also not in favor if the government regulating tablesaws. Let's focus on the issue, and leave the name calling and finger pointing to the 4th graders and politicians.

Re: Surprise landing: Stanley's new Sweetheart chisels have arrived

According to Chris Schwarz - who claims to have first hand info from a Stanley person- the blades are made (or at least treated - I don't remember) in the same facility in U.K. as the newer plane irons. He claims the irons were on par with any he'd used, though the planes overall were a bust.

Re: Build Your Own Shoulder Plane: Does this Kit Pass the Test?


"She's a real beaut, ain't she Clark."

It's hard to tell, but in the last pic it looks like you've put a light chamfer on the long edges of the sole?? If so, does that hinder your iron adjustment at all; only from the standpoint of setting depth & side-to-side, etc...? I suppose you could just use the bed to adjust laterally, and make test cuts for depth.

I ordered some radiused Hock irons and made a pair of (1 1/4" & 1 1/2") coopering planes. I also have two Hock irons in my old Stanley #'s 4 & 7. As you wrote, they are certainly more than "pieces of metal."

Paz, Jarrod

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wharton Esherick Studio & Collection

I heart Wharton Esherick.

Re: Off Topic Question: What do you listen to?

Anything loud like punk or rock while I'm milling; it's the only thing I can hear over the machines. Anything from bluegrass to NPR while doing handwork. Sometimes classical if I'm feeling serene.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Wood Science & Design by Hendrik Varju

make it mine!!

Re: Brad Smith: Story of a Stool

Very impressive work flow.

Re: Heart Hand & Eye

RVN & Inside Passage are the most inspiring thing to me; I would give one, maybe two of my toes from my left foot to be able to study there. They are really putting out some amazing craftsmen & women.

Regards, Jarrod

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