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saved from becoming firewood

This is lumber from a maple tree that stood in one of my former professors front yard. He asked me if I wanted the stump 39" x 11', because he had no way to manage it into burnable pieces. So after...

Maine Cherry Shaker Coffee Table

Made from Maine Harvested Cherry Modified Shaker coffee table design by Peter Turner

saved a tree from firewood

first two projects from a 39" x 10' maple stump.  

grandmothers opposing photo albums

These photo albums were made for my son's grandmothers.  Made from a single peice of black walnut from my local saw mill (TC Woods, Lafayette, CO).  Cheap hardware store hinges, cheaper...

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live 2013!

Tell the presenters fron maine "I'll drive"

Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

The bolt on the outfeed of the saw is obviously there to hold the fingerguard lugnut when not in use. Another simple way th keep your PPEs in a easy to access place.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

I dont believe there is cheating in woodworking until you get into using CNC machines to remove human error. As long as the woodworker is making and taking the risk of mistakes in their work, they will be accountable for the outcome. Machines, jig, handtools, it doesnt matter, they still need to be setup correctly and used with care and skill.

To the "Ivory Tower" traditionalist, I welcome you to my place anytime to teach me your craft, otherwise I'm home alone with books and magazines chipping away with the tools at hand. To the other "Ivory Tower" folks unwilling hand down the craft, "Drop the steel and cleave a stone. Take traditional woodworking back to the basics."

Re: saved a tree from firewood

This was the thank you gift for the tree stump. These two thru cuts were particularly prized. The top is 6' x 32" and the breadboards were the off cuts from the other side of a crack. Original board was 22" x 11' with a giant knot around 6 1/2', you can see the radiation from it on viewer's left of the table top. The panels on the bookshelf are from another one of the dozen or so 20"+ thru cuts

Re: Federal desk

I really like the style of your desk and would like to know the dimensions to see if I might be able work some details into a project I am contemplating.

Re: Dovetail Puzzle

angled cuts to make parallel dovetails. I saw it in one of the woodwrights books. Still wicked clever.

Re: Wine Rack

I would like to know the depth dimension that you settled on for the wine rack. I am in the process of building a wine cabinet, with a closing door, of "strangely" similar style to yours and would like any advice or expertise on bottle size. This is going to be a gift for my father, as I prefer beer, and I could use recommendations for bottle clearance. As of now my internal depth is aiming to be 14 1/2", most research tells me this is sufficient.
Thanks, Matt

Re: Old tools for a young man

Matt. I dont mind sounding like a crazy old coot from Maine, but you fancy out-of-staters should not be coming up to Maine and purchasing nice old tools from the barns and salvage stores scattered around the state. As a young man (29), I veiw these items as heirlooms and an incentive to keep the traditional woodworking techniques of Maine alive. Without the wonderful antiques tools at "affordable" prices, how will the youth of my state acquire the equipement to become superstars like your very own Christian Becksvoort (tool collector!?), Steven Thomas Bunn, and Peter Turner. Will we be reduced to taking all of the cushioning($) out of mother's arm chair, to pay a visit to Lie-Nielsen? Only to purchase a shiny new replica of something that is buried in a box, in one of those musty brick and mortise buildings, waiting to be bought, cleaned, and given one more chance.
Please do not start a rush to Maine for antique tools, this is my heritage, and I loath the fact that I am currently living in Colorado. Lusting to be home, so I can rummage through old barns and dicker with old men to settle on a reasonable price for an old plane or mortising drill. My very best tools are hand-me-downs and odd finds.

I apologize about the tongue-lashing, but I have been on the search for an old joiner plane, and am just a bit jealous of your find. Those rosewood handles would have sealed the deal for me.

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