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Phone table

I saw a phone table at an older home and decided to put my own spin on it. I steam bent the chair rails, added a cloud lift, added a drawer (with three hidden areas) and added some marquetry. The...

Arts and Crafts sideboard

I have just finished the Craftsman styled sideboard for my wife Karen. This started out with plans from a book from Robert Lang entitled "More Shop Drawings of Craftsman Furniture". The sideboard...

hand tool project

I took a class from Chris Gochner last week and we built this saw horse along with a shaker step stool. We used the saw horse to help prepare the cherry for the shaker step stool. This horse is...

Asian nightstands

I just finished these two nightstands for my youngest girl. They are my own design, at least as "my own" is even possible now days. I believe that there are really no original ideas left. I had...

arts and crafts lamp table

I subscribe to a magazine called "American Bungalow". The mag. had a picture of similar tables from the early 1900s. I guessed at the sizes and constructed four of these "lamp tables". The bottom...

Grandfather Clock

I have made a number of clocks that are traditional in design, but for myself I like the simple lines of the arts and crafts. This clock has all draw bore tenon joints. I used quarter sawn red oak...

Entry tables

I have six childeren, and so I built six of these entry tables. Two are native walnut that is air dried. Four of the cabinets are quarter sawn red oak. The tops are concrete. I don't know how that is...

sack back Windsor

Windsor chair that I just finished using 3 colors of milk paint. Built the chair in a 5 day chair class w/instructor Jock Jones.

pagoda cedar chest

I spent some time in asia and love the asian look. The top is hand sculpted cherry and usually has a set of three Samurai swords setting in a rack on the top. The drawers are dovetailed and slide on...

Thomas Jefferson book stand

I saw a picture of this and thought how much fun it would be to build. THe only measurements I had was that it was 12" x 12" x 12". I deduced from the picture how the interior was constructed. I used...

asian cabinet

Built this cabinet using cherry. The black is veneer from "Certainly Wood". The Kanji on the side is the Japanese name for the young lady that I built it for . She is a massage therapist and the...

Cromwell folding table

Made my first table in a traditional tool class with Cris Gochner. I liked the table so well that I went back to the school that I teach at and the students and I made an additional 15 or so. Those...

Recent comments

Re: Mahogany and Leather Side Table

VERY well done! Really tasteful.


Clever except most of the time (in my situation) I am cutting from the right, then the left, then in front.

Re: Compound Curved Solid Wood Carved Doors

Did I miss where you mentioned the type of wood? Nicely executed.

Re: Furniture

I really like the black on black effect. (is it just my computer, or is this just a black picture?)

Re: Grandfather's Project : Ramayana Carve from Indonesia

$5000 is not enough for this beautiful art work. Keep it in the family.

Re: The Singing Butler, marquetry

I would like to know what wood you used for the red and what you did to keep the red from turning brown when the wood gets its patina. Great work

Re: Custom Big Leaf Maple Bedroom Set

I really like the hardware and the effort that the smith took to bring a normally cold medium into a beautiful piece of work.

Re: Nolan's Ball

Nice job on the ball. I am interested in the lathe. Is it your own design? If so, could you part with some details as to how it was conceived and constructed? Thanks

Re: Re-Created Gustav Stickley Strap Hinge Writing Desk

Super job. Where did you find the strap hinges? What program was used to take out the background colors and leave just the cabinet? Did you have plans or make it from a picture?

Re: Turn of the century cabinet makers tool chest.

Sure looks sharp! I would be very concerned about putting the first ding into that nice till. Take it to a high school shop for a week and then you can say that it has a natural patina.

Re: Tool Chest

Well thought out chest.

Re: Spice Box

Inlay, or marquetry? Very nice. I think that I would have used a nicer hinge.

Re: Will Smith

did you free hand make the marquetry or did you have a pattern that you worked from?

Re: Flame Birch Desk

I meant does the keyboard front flip up and down.

Re: Flame Birch Desk

I think that the back is as nice as the front. Beautiful job. Does the front flip up some how?

Re: Solid Walnut table with Figured maple and Rose wood dovetailed drawers and a french polished top

Really nice work. How did you hide your pivot points on the top inlay?

Re: Tool Box

Great job!. Do you have to remove the router plane to access the saws?

Re: Choba Dansu (Merchant Tansu Chest)

Nice job! I lived in Japan for awhile and my experience was that the hardware seemed to always over power the cabinet.

Re: TV Tray Redux

Very classy and cleaver. I often do not like "this or that" on a piece here, but I think that these are really nice all around. Well done. I hope that you make this commercially available in your area and show your off your skills and designs.

Re: Eagle Shadowbox

Really enjoyed seeing such a great creation.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I taught this method for the last three decades in a high school with inexperienced students. I too have tried many different methods, but I still go back to this tried and true method. I first do test cuts on the first 1/8" to make sure of my tenon fit. After the fit is correct, then I cut the shoulder cut and do as the video shows.
If you are the kind of person that needs a colonoscopy to find your head, then this cut is NOT for you.

Re: Girl With a Pearl Earring

Extremely nice! I have done a few marquetry projects, and I know just how difficult to get such realism. Thanks for sharing your work

Re: Headboard 18th century French pattern

I have always wondered how ANYONE could not call this fine art. Not only does the artist need to understand color, texture etc, but must have the skills to put them together. To me this is much more fine art than some of the stuff I have seen at galleries. Great job

Re: Greene and Greene Media cabinet

I like the cloud lifts and the detail on the BB. Really nice job.

Re: Infill Smoothing Plane

beautiful job! Did you have a kit for all of the materials or did you do the screw for the iron etc.?

Re: Asian nightstands

To "Crookehouse". Although I use sketch up, I found the curved legs too difficult to make in SU. I knew the height, 32" width 18" and depth 12". I usually make a very rough working hand drawing that has dimensions but that is usually all. I make templates to ensure that everything is the same. I also use what I call construction triangles to make sure that the mortises and cuts are all on the correct sides. The drawer sits on a drawer ring let in to the sides with a blind dado. The ring is mortise and tenon with the back tenon not glued to allow for expansion of the solid sides.

Re: Buffet Esthetique

I really like the doors and drawer fronts.

Re: MDF Is ......

MDF is about the only thing that I will use to laminate on because of its stability and flatness. When the panels are sealed then I would suggest that it is a superior material to plys or solid. I like the look of your furniture. However, I do not think that as a structural component (such as a chair or furniture base),that MDF would be a viable product.

Re: Three Leg Chair

Nice job. I was thinking that you could use the back of this chair to make a teenager to do his homework.

What kind of joint did you use on the back?

Re: Wormy Chesnut Hutch

What did you use to ebonize the oak? Nice job.

Re: Hepplewhite Mahogany Pembroke Table

I am interested in what you used as a substrate. Great looking table.

Re: "Amadeo" Shoes cabinet

My wife saw this and now I have yet another cabinet to build and she thinks that she will have to fill it with shoes. Good looking cabinet. Did you use a vac bag or did you use hide glue and veneer hammer to apply the veneer?

Re: Retro Walnut Record Player Consule

Having taught woodworking for 31 years, I would say that you show more than a little promise in the field. I like the textures that you have created. It seems to me that you have a great future in furniture design and building.

Re: Desk top tool chest

Ok so I went back and read the entry about the clasp, but doesn't the stuff still slide to the front?

Re: Desk top tool chest

Beautiful work! How do the drawers stay shut when you flip the top closed or open? Also, doesn't everything fall to the front of the drawers?

Re: Dining Room Table: just in time for Thanksgiving

Very tasteful. It really matches the room. Very nice.

Re: Mahogany Headboard

I really like your interpretation of A & C on this headboard.

Re: Japanese shoji folding screen

Wow! What great work. Have you apprenticed with a someone? I lived in Japan for two years and I do not think that I ever saw this quality while there.

Re: bookWORM {handcarved dictionary stand}

Jason, beautiful work. Do you make your own hardware?

Re: Puzzle Box

Nice box. I built one for some scented bees wax. I use it for my hands in the dry mountain air here. Your daughters might like the same. It is not oily like lotions and makes a great lube for the hand saw.

Re: Wenge & Quilted Maple End Tables

Nice work Chico. I know that you have had the wood for awhile, but where does one find such nice stuff?

Re: Globe

Fantastic job. I had a student do a similar globe for a state competition. I believe that it was actually a FW plan where you made a jig that cut the wedges. He made the two hemispheres and glued them together. He then carved the currents of the oceans which relieved the land masses. Even as difficult as it was, it was easy compared to what you have done with this piece.

Re: demilune table

Beautiful work. I made a similar table but did not do the veneered top. Did you do a brick lay up, steam bent or bandsawn curve? You have done a spectacular job.

Re: Reflecting back on 2009

Nice work. Did you scratch off the mirror on the back and then add the veneer?

Re: Small Pencil Box with Marquetry

What is the Kanji on the underneath say? Nice design

Re: Afghan Rack

Geeze Jay that is nice! Kind of over shadows any Afghan that someone would make. I really like the Peacock. I assume that you drew it up and used it as a pattern. Or did you free had the scroll work?

Re: About Your Safety: An Introduction

Good job Matt. Having taught woodworking for 31 years, I find the humor good to have. To you others, pick up your purses and tissues.

Re: Making the Bonnet for a Highboy

Great stuff Tim. Do you sleep? Or just work and make drawings?

Re: Kaidan Dansu

Jozu da yo!
That means really skillful. Beautiful application.

Re: Crazy Bookshelf

Wow! That is something. How did you attach that much weight to a regular wall?

Re: she..

Great work. What type of wood? What saw used? Did you use a pattern from a picture? Give us more please.

Re: New Wave writing desk

Interesting top. How did you sculpt the waves?

Re: Morris Chair #1

Nice job. I did one similar but was not smart enough to extend the back as you did. That is the only thing that I dislike about the chair. When I brought it into the house my wife said: "It's too big for me to sit in". I replied: "Well, there ya go!"

Re: Podium

You have packed a lot into a small package. What kind of hardware did you use for the fold over portion of the writing surface? Great work.

Re: My Neander Haven

Wow! What a work to inspire your future projects. I don't think even the Roycrofter workshops were this inspirational.

Re: Rolling Piano Tool Chest

I would MUCH rather play at your piano than I would at mine. Really cleaver.

Re: Cabinet Makers Tool Chest

Beautiful veneer job. I am truly jealous.

Re: Battleship Tables!

Beautiful tables. I was on the Wisconsin in Norfolk last week and wondered about that wooden deck and the history behind it.

Re: Nightstand

Really clever look for a nightstand. Does the top have some sort of locking mech.? I think that I would put my alarm clock in there with sound proofing.

Re: Orchid Motif Marquetry Breakfast Table

Beautiful work! I have had the opportunity to be at two AWFS presentations that Paul has given. Even though they are only a few hours long, he is a great teacher. I wish that I could train under him. Because I have NO artistic ability, that will never happen. I envy your skill.

Re: Valentines Day Box

Love the heart. I sure am glad with the realism that you have that it was not a gall bladder attack.

Re: The Elements Collection - Fire

Great work Tony. I lived in Japan for two years and really like the Asian influence that you have put into your pieces.

Re: Thomas Jefferson book stand

I don't have any more pictures, but I certainly could get some if needed.

Re: Cromwell folding table

Chris experimented on us before he did the article for FW. The last project was a Shaker candle stand. Great teacher.

Re: Scrapbooking Cabinet

Nice job. I hope that my wife does not see this.

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