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Re: Shopmade Handles Make a Matched Set

Beside being able to get everything matching (which is very important for an OCD person like me) this is great for the comfort level of your tools. I made all my chisel handles as well as new knobs and tots for my planes. Dont be afraid to alter sizes and not just duplicate, I made mine out of scraps I had laying around to experiment, after a little time using the tool you will quickly see if and changes need to be made, once you get them how you like its time to break out the nice wood. I use BLO as a finish for mine as it is easy to rejuvenate when needed, what did John use?

Re: Special Prayer Box

Beautiful job, my prayers are with them and God bless.

Re: How Does a Fine Woodworker Change a Lightbulb?

Makes me want o use my brace the next time a bulb goes out! hats off once again to a job well done.

Re: Shelving for those of us with bad backs!

Excellent idea Dave!

Re: Plane Irons and Chisels Need a Flat, Polished Back

Another place to get granite stone is from a headstone maker, creepy but cheap! Years ago I bought 2pcs, one about 16 square by 2" thick and the other 12x16 by 6" thick (heavy!)for five bucks, both dead flat. This allowed me to have one for portability and one to inset into me sharpening station.

Re: Hardydeck SRL hardwood shop

Wow yet another company trying to advertise on here, makes me not want to buy from a place that is desperate enough to break the rules just for the gain of free advertising.

Re: Casket

First off I am sorry for your loss, that is a rough road. The casket you built is beautiful. I made the urns for my Grandparents and like John and Dan already said it is a very humbling experience that is quite an honor. God bless.

Re: Shop Talk Live 24: Wicked Weapon for Terrific Tenons

Great podcast as always! Asa and Ed did a great job holding down the fort but a third host was missed, darn flu. Keep up the great work guys.

Re: The incredibly shrinking workshop

Very cool idea for the DC hookup! Thanks for sharing

Re: Shop Talk Live 17: Behind-the-Scenes at Lee Valley Tools

I think it's a Sawstop eating lunch!

Re: Where Can a 11th grader get a grant for my never updated 62 year old high school shop class

I completely agree with Mike, if your school shop is filled with old tools you are lucky. The only tool I would consider upgrading would be the TS. I don't own a Sawstop and never will, that being said I believe that this is the perfect application for it.
I pray that you can get things up and running, for the better of all people involved. I commend you for stepping up and trying to accomplish what you think is important-don't ever stop! Please keep us informed on what happens, I am sure it won't be quick. And you unfortunately will probably miss out on most of what your efforts will provide but look at the big picture my friend.

Re: Extension Cord

Please keep us posted on your shop as it grows and thanks for sharing!

Re: Last-Minute Gifts for Woodworking Dads

For $50 that list can be pretty long. To name a few are a Hock blade for a favorite vintage plane is always a plus. An angle cube has become a great friend after a weekend of going around and tuning up my powertools. A vintage Starrett combo square is always a welcome present followed closely by a double 4" square. Also never underestimate the power of a gift card!

Re: Catrina Jewelry Cabinet

Love the design. I am going to start building one for my daughter soon (more Queen Ann style though)Really love the woods you found to use. I am sure your wife is very pleased even though it's a little late! If you would have waited a month more would it have counted for two yrs worth??

Re: Cross for My Wife and the Presbyterian Women

Very beautiful. I like your design.

Re: Woodbridge Basement Workshop

Thanks for sharing, I bet you have a lot of fun in there. Your description is one of the best on here, well done!

Re: Free lathe

Wow, good for you. You just can't beat the old tools or that price!! Turn on friend.

Re: My Cellar Shop

Love your planing stop and your free leg vise. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Small wall hung tool cabinet

Looks great, the positive(or maybe a setback)is the lack of room for future purchases. I know for me everything has to have a certain place and I really like that with your as well, no place for it means I can't buy it!

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

Yeah the irons are sharp, what, you test it with your arm hair-that's the silliest thing I ever heard!!

Re: UPDATE: Back to Basics: Fundamentals of Sharpening from Fox Chapel Publishing

I'd like that book as well, but since it won't be announced till Tuesday, April 55, 2011-I'll never win11

Re: Charrette Farms Wood Shop

Very nice. I really like the full lenght of drawers providing storage and a bench. I would love to see more pics!!

Re: Charrette Farms Wood Shop

Very nice. I really like the full lenght of drawers providing storage and a bench. I would love to see more pics!!

Re: My Workshop...

Looks nice and organized, thanks for sharing.

Re: Jigsaw Circle Guide

Do you mean jigsaw or bandsaw?? To me it looks like a bandsaw circle jig, if not please explain-no matter what it looks great.

Re: Looks like a razor clam

I am very much a Christan and love to hear about it anywhere and everywhere, but I just don't understand the meaning or reasoning for this post, please provide details Mr. Gotslivers!

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

I love my RAS, I have a well equipped shop and would not want to be without mine for a minute. Between what you can do with it alone and with an endless amount of jigs there is never a project that I build the I don't use mine.

Re: Fishtank Bookcase

That is very classy looking. Did you build the tank yourself?? It is really nice how it hides the uglies that go with the tank, nicely done.

Re: This one is still in process. My very first shop.

Looks like you will have an awesome amount of space to use, keep safe while building and when you are done please update us and have a blast with your new found mega-doghousee!!

Re: Richard Coates, Hope, New Jersey

I gree about the bench, what size is that monster?? Someday I hope you give us the honor of showing more pics of your shop, I know I will be happily waiting. Looks nice and thanks for sharing.

Re: Home of Eakins Fine Woodworks

Looks nice and clean, I am the same way as well. What I see I like, but more pics to give the feel of the full 360 would be nice. Well done and have manny a happy day in there.

Re: Desert Garage Workshop

Very sorry to hear about you loosing everything. Hope you get twice the shop back filled with twice the fun when the time comes, congrats on the weight loss as well.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

Soo many tools so little $$$. So the thing I would like that I know will not happen is a Lie Nielson #4 Bronze.

Re: $12 "Bench Cookies" are biggest news at AWFS

Being from Minnesota as well, that is a good joke. They look pretty cool and once again it's a "why didn't I think about that" kind of thing!!

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