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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

So let me get this straight. Because some idiot who was probably too stupid to be using a table saw in the first place gets hurt every one of us should have to pay? What the jury has said here is that every saw manufactured, from the $150 homeowner special to the $3000 top of the line has to be equipped with this technology. I think as consumers the decision falls to us as to how much we're willing to spend and what features we are willing to pay for. But now we have this lawyer who gets to decide for all of us what the new entry price for a table saw is going to be. I think SawStop is a great product but should we all be forced to purchase it whether we feel we need it or not. I would think that Mr. Osario's boss would have been liable for not properly instructing him in the use of a table saw, oh but wait, he probably didn't have any money and so the lawyers go after the manufacturer who has the deep pockets. Cases like this are exactly what is wrong with our legal system. They make stupidity way too lucrative.

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