Hartland, MI, US

I have been in construction for over forty nine years and a woodworker for over thirty five years. I find wood to be both complicated and easy to live with, it depends on what time of year and the project that you are creating. It soothes as well as agitates, much like a wife. I can spend many hours in my shop it never lets me down.

Recent comments

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I myself have cut off part of a finger from a Craftsman radial arm saw. There would have been merit to sue because there was a default with the product that Sears later did recall, offering $100 to turn in the saw. I fixed the problem but using a saw is dangerous as well as many other tools of the trade. Caution and common sense is the name of the game. I wasn't cautious and it cost me. A lawsuit in this case is ....stupid, but don't blame the man for suing, blame the judge for allowing it to go fourth in the first place. This is something that is happening in all parts of our society now, nobody wants to blame themselves it is always somebody else's fault.

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

I will miss Norm and his show. That being said I only wish he had shown the mistakes that he made, there were many, they would help people to understand that mistakes are made but you can fix them, don't panic. Also without taking anything away from him, he had every tool that was needed to do the work that he did on his show and assistants to help him unlike the many who watched him create what he did. I watched his program and was one of those people that were inspired by what he made and now I have a woodshop that I often try to compare with Norm's shop. Unfortunatly though I have to buy all my equipment. All in all there will be a void because there are no other shows like it but as far as his show, there is always an end, sadly.

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