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Re: Caption Contest Winner!

How dare you challange my skills,
I made this cutout using only a Card Scraper,
A hand made card scraper, fabricated from a drop of water and 5 nickles, BACK OFF

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

Fact 1 by numbers table saw is the most dangerous woodworking saw in the shop.
Fact 2 Sawstop currently has the most effective safety feature ever developed for a table saw
Fact 3 if all saws had this technology there would be thousands of woodworkers with all 10 fingers.

Moving away from Facts

If we could all have Sawstop feature on our saws we would. ALL OF US. Let me debunk a couple items
"it ruins the blade"; only whe saving your fingers
"I will start to do dangerous things because I know its there"; your then an idiot and needed the feature already.

1. Steve Gass invented one of the best safety features for one of the most dangerous common tools. (if i had done that I would expect to get PAID also)
2. He then shopped around the feature. No one bought it. Why Lawyers, They feared the addition would me increase in thier liability. He thought as I do that it was crazy that no one bought it.
3. He then tried forcing it on the power tool industry through legislation.(where most of you started hating him) If I had invented it, and I knew thousands would be saved horrible injuries and I would make lots of money I would also do this.
4. He started his own company as this was the only way to accomplish getting his great idea to market.

I think that he did what any inventor would have done with such a Game changing device.

I think that the goverment should do two things. One force adoption of this technology or prove equilivent technology.
Ensure that since Mr Gass has a monolopy he is not allowed to overcharge.

Its a great device it should be in all saws;
everything else is just noise in the equation

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

Its going to take a lot more then hand planes to make this guy groovy, his next project should be goofing planes because this cat is straight goofy

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I think that the award is wrong. One it is two much money. Has he lost 1.5 million in earning potential? (I would wager no) Has he lost 1.5 million in quality of life? (I would wager he only has about 500,000 in total value)
Two he is responsible for the injury.
But as to the technology (let’s assume 1 false positive per saw lifetime)
It should be mandatory.
I know those against have these arguments
Why do I have to pay for it I am safe/not an idiot?
The government does not have the write to make this a requirement in a free country?
Let the people decide with their purchasing?
My personal favorite ridiculous reason against the technology?

If I have a safety feature I will become complacent and it will lead to other injuries
I have never heard anyone say “I drive on bald tires because it makes me drive safer”
What about smoke detectors in houses do those make you complacent about burning down your house? Let’s use the fireworks inside I just got new smoke detectors.

Here is why it is ok for the government to force a safety issue.
It is for the public good.
The cost savings to the health care bottom line is justified.
Hand injuries are very expensive to fix.
And the cost of the injuries just is transferred onto us all through the health care system in co pays and insurance premiums.

The big examples of this argument listed by others are seatbelts and air bags.
But also anything illegal is an example of government intervention, Drugs for instance. Most of us have no issue with drugs legal or illegal. But still there are laws for the public good.

So where do we go from here. I think that the government should force adoption of this technology. In exchange for this the tool manufacturers should get no liability for the saw already in the field, a grandfather clause.

As a trade off for this the government should also set the price for the licensing of the technology. (If big brother forces them to buy it they can also set the fair price)
I would suggest a 1,000,000 initial license fee paid by Uncle Sam (to help saw stop recoup their investment up front) and then a 5$ per saw sold for the remainder of the patent. 700,000 table saws per year that is 3.5 million per year. that would only raise the cost of a table saw about 155$ (sure it is more then double the cost of a piece of crap but not significant adder for a decent saw)

That is what I believe.
In fairness I have not yet bought a sawstop I have a ridgid I bought for 274$

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

Really i just want everybody to be safe and enjoy being creative.
And also that bandsaw fence

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

I already got some great presents
ridgid table saw (in 2032 when my youngest is thru college i will get a real cabinet saw)
I also got a delt band saw.
So my only current wish is some time in the shop and higher temperatures.
Oh yeah and i want to win that fence for my band saw.
Pick me please I have 3 kids and i use a 48' strait edge clamp as a band saw fence it is ungainly
my shop area is only 9'8" x 14'6" please pick me.

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