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Re: Hotels in fagu

and this relates to a woodworking project how??

Re: 1810 shaker table

I made that table some years ago, had it on display at the local Woodcraft store, and some customer thought it was a stool and sat on it! I took it home in pieces. Nice job on yours, keep it away from idiots.

Re: Sterling Silver Blue Chalcedony Pendant

Why is this here?

Re: Sterling Silver Blue Chalcedony Pendant

Why is this here?

Re: Laser Hair Removal List Of Benefits


Re: WWE WrestleMania 30 Live Stream: Start Time and Preview for Major PPV

Get rid of this crap!

Re: Disney!Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Download HD

Want my subscription? Get rid of these ads!

Re: Lincoln Revival

Beautiful bench. Now I'll have to make one of my own.

Re: third coffee table

Live edge walnut is a favorite of mine, also. Beautiful job.

Re: Free lathe

I've got that exact lathe and love it. Moving the tail stock and the tool rest is a bit of a hassle but the lathe is rock solid.

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

Hey, sailor.

Re: Winner Chosen for Tablesaw Safety Tip Challenge

Keep your mind about you.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Surface Preparation and Staining by Hendrik Varju

Sorely needed information on an often not well understood subject.

Re: Woodworking Tips Have a New Home

I've been a subscriber for years and like your dedication to safety. However, the presenter of the quick fix for a hinged stop block has on long sleeves and the left sleeve is even unbuttoned. So much for table saw safety.

Re: Video Gallery: Drawers that Breathe

very cool. What's the material? Bob

Re: Tablesaw techniques I wouldn't recommend

I really hope your daughter was not behind that saw when you cut that plywood. You had the right end of it agoinst the fence and the used your miter fence. Really dangerous and could have caused kickback into your daughters face. Bob

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