Blacklick, OH, US

As a surgeon, I greatly enjoy the change of pace in my woodworking shop. I have been a woodworker since 2003 and continue to acquire more and more tools in a too small shop.

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Art Deco Hall Table

The design for this hall table was inspired by a 1930 Art Deco table. It is mahogany, with a carved detail at the base. The real challange was the glue up for the curved legs. The curves were cut on...

Plant Stand

My better half wanted a pair of plant stands for our dining room. They had to be small, art deco in style and primarily mahogany. The tops were turned from solid mahogany, and the legs were joined to...

Hall Table

This mahogany hall table was designed to be as eyecatching as I could manage. The columns are reeded as is all of the decorative trim. The legs are hand carved. The finish is a water based dye, a...

Dart Board

I couldn't find a Dart Board Cabinet that I liked, so I designed my own. Made of Poplar finished with oil based stain and distressed paint. Several glazes were added to age the appearance. The celtic...

Dining Room Table

I built this table from solid mahogany in a federal style. The finish is a water based dye, grain filler and hand rubbed water based varnish. The table top sits on four turned columns which are...


As an artist and woodworker, I have always wanted to design and build my own easel. This mahogany easel is finished with a water based dye, tung oil and 3 coats of shellac. It is done with Greene and...

Recent comments

Re: Easel

The easel does slide up and down on free floating UHMW polyethelene glides that are held in place by a dado groove on each opposing piece. It allows for low friction movement. All of the commercial easels I looked at had poorly managed this aspect of the design and I hoped to improve on it. I have been using the easel for two years now and the system still functions flawlessly. It is counterweighted by a similarly gliding narrow piece on the back that has posts that allow for the placement of appropriate counterweights to balance the weight of the painting. The plastic coated wire cables can be seen in the photos. The brass pulleys are actually parts made for sliding glass doors and can be found in most big box home centers. They are generally brass and/or stainless steel and corrosion resistant. I apologize, but there are no plans, I sketched it out and built the same way I do everything else, with no plans.

Re: Trestle Cradle

Very nice. When I have grandkids, I will try to make one as nice as yours.

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