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Jewelry Boxes

  These are jewelry boxes I built as Christmas presents for my daughters.I borrowed several design ideas from other projects I found on the web.The boxes are walnut and maple "ebonized" with India...

Muliti-Design Mirror

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 For this, my first solo attempt at veneer and marquetry, I took design inspiration from several woodworkers including  Johanathan Benson, Paul...

Federal Side Table

This table uses Walnut and Poplar (secondary) wood.  Inlays and stringing are holly and dyed castela.  Banding is aspen, mahogany and dyed castela. Stringing grooves were hand cut using...

Puzzle Box

I watched Roy Underhill make one of these boxes on his "The Woodrights Shop" PBS series.  They orginated in Europe and were used by woodworkers to keep their tallow for "waxing" their...

Recent comments

Re: Compound dovetailed box with clipper ship marquetry inlay

Beautiful work. Can you explain how you created the fine lines in each of the sails and the rope lines?

Re: Gem Storage Box

What a lovely piece! The marquetry is out of sight. I'm interested to know a bit more about the dyed veneer. Did you dye it yourself, or purchase it already dyed? Thanks....Mark

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Woodworking is a personal pursuit and what ever you feel is right, is right.

Re: Help me choose what to build for a video workshop

I like the first one.

Re: Spice Box

Lovely custom variation of a traditional piece.

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

Sketch me up Scotty!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Making Wooden Chess Sets by Jim Kape

Making a chess set would be a great way to practice my passion for hand tools. Thanks for the opportunity!

Re: VIDEO REPLAY: Tenon Shootout: Hand vs. Power Tools

Excellent presentation. Just need to keep the mic in front of the one speaking or else you just can hear well. Thanks, and keep 'em coming.

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