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I am a professional woodworker specializing in custom cabinetry, kitchens and builtins as well as a chairmaker and furnituremaker. I work out of two fully equipped shops, one next to my house where the custom furniture is produced and one 20 minutes north that is set up for sheet good production specifically. My furniture and chair pieces are displayed and sold through galleries as well as client commissions. Custom kitchens / builtins are designed with and for homeowner clients directly. I work alone generally, with occasional help with sanding and installations.

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This opens up an large can of worms too numerous to list. My understanding is that even with a Sawstop there are operations that you have to turn the flesh detecting technology off (ie, dado cuts . Though I agree that the technology is revolutionary, even it isn't foolproof. This concerns me that in schools and shops that have replaced their saws with the Sawstop, that safe work habits may be less emphasized and that is the only thing that may ultimately prevent an accident (and it's still not 100%).

I just happened to see two pieces of equipment that were purchased from a school shop that were so poorly maintained they were a danger just looking at them. Will the schools new Sawstops fall into the same disrepair overtime?

Another point is since I make my living working wood I would have to come up with the cash to replace 3 tablesaws and maybe I should. That way I'm only left with 3 shapers, 3 bandsaws, 2 jointers, 4 chopsaws, 3 router tables etc that can take my hand, fingers off. So by buying a Sawstop have I truly saved my fingers?

Again , safe work habits need to be the focus. I think it may have gone a long way to prevent the accident that led to this lawsuit and is more important than flesh detecting technology in the long run. It's going to get interesting...

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