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Re: Dan Holmes Basement Shop

Very nice! And neat too. I'm in a messy 2 car garage, along with two big dogs, and no dust collector.

Re: Ken's Workshop

Nice shop!

Re: Carriage house workshop

Nice work fellow Canadian!
I'm inspired!

Re: My Workshop...

In the words of The Carpenters, you've only just begun...
I started just like you. Keep it up!
Thanks for sharing.

Re: A New Take On Handmade

Someone please hit me with a 2x4 if I ever complain about dry, cracked hands again!
This man is an inspiration to us all.

Re: Nesting Side Tables

Love love love those dovetails! I want to build a shoe putting on bench in this style for my niece!
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Walnut coffee table

Sweet piece!
I noticed that the dog has taken ownership of it too...

Re: Toy Box for my grandson

Very nice work! I too saw the video and have been cutting dovetails on the table saw ever since!
It's not really cheating is it? ;)

Re: Fir Bench, Canadian Eh!

Nice work fellow Canadian!
I'm near Winnipeg.

Re: Coat Rack Dog Retreat

Love it! Great idea!

Re: Woodworking in a New York City Apartment

I started woodworking on a deck on the back of our 1.5 story house in October. Here in western Canada, October nights get quite cold, often bordering on freezing temps. My first project was a primitive cabinet assembled entirely without glue (too cold for glue). My next workshop was a 10 x 10 bedroom in our basement. Here I built a massive entertainment unit from recycled Douglas Fir from a train boxcar floor. It was so large in the small shop that I had to move tools around just to squeeze myself around the project! Ultimately, we moved to a country home where I filled the 2 car garage with my woodworking tools.
I'll never forget moving day when my wife called me at the new house explaining that the movers couldn't get my entertainment unit out of the basement! I rushed back and hauled out my recip saw and cut my masterpiece in two! I almost cried, but I didn't have time to. The mover was charging me a hundred dollars an hour.
I love the determination of a dedicated woodworker!
Beautiful boxes by the way!!

Re: Timber Frame Work Shop

Can I come and live with you? I promise I'll sweep up after myself! I don't eat much and I have great table manners...
Fabulous shop!! I know I shouldn't envy, but I can't help it! :)

Re: Sculpted Walnut Settee

Love it!

Re: Flatten Wide Boards without a Big Jointer

If your woodworking is anywhere near as entertaining as your writing, then you are an artist for sure!
Love reading the friendly banter/advice.

Re: Rope handle spices up a tea box


Re: Bathroom Vanity

Excellent work Josh! Mistakes are how I learn. Trick is to not make the same one twice! That's my problem... just ask my patient wife!

Re: Bed for a Spoiled Dog

Love those Chinese Crested! We've got a ten year old female powder puff rescue. She's blind and has horrible breath, but she is such a joy for my wife and I.
I also built a bed for Jazzy. Not nearly as detailed as yours though...
Great craftsmanship!

Re: Dog Crate

Love, Love, Love it!!! I'm a dog lover and I built my own crate. This surpasses by far the one I built! I especially appreciate the 'garage' door.
Nice work! :)

Re: Canoe Cradle

Instant inspiration! Beautiful work! I have two grand-babies en route. Maybe a pair of cradles by Grandpa are in order?
Thanks for posting this work of art!

Re: Dining Table & Bench

Love it!! Love the through tenons especially! I aspire to this level of expertise.

Re: Heavy Timber (Gary Knox Bennett Design) Trestle Table

You could park a tank on that table.
Great craftsmanship.

Re: Wood Shop Al Fresco Redux

I greatly admire you!
I can relate to having a minimum amount of workshop space...
My first project (an antique-looking cupboard) was built on our deck in near freezing temps!
Where there's a will there's a way.
Swing on! Swing on!

Re: Serpentine Front Hall Table

I did some finish work on my father-in-law's house. But it was much more primitive than your table!
Good job!

Re: Cherry Pencil Post night table

Nothing like building from 'scratch'!

Re: "Rocking" Boat for my granddaughter

Good work!
Priceless gift.

Re: Sculptured Maloof Inspired Chair

Absolutely fabulous!
You are truly gifted.

Re: Sapele Dining Chair

Very nice!
This is inspiring!

Re: Grandfather Clock Wedding Gift

Wow! My stuff looks primitive (not by design) next your clock!
Good job!
A priceless heirloom.

Re: Sheraton Side Tables in Mahogany

Very nice work!! Especially the reeding. I have mounted several pieces of wood on the lathe, but never with the fine results you've had!

Re: Maloof Memories Please

I'm a home amateur woodworker. Over the past years, I've seen and read various articles on Sam. Aside from the fact that I love his designs, I remember a comment he made in reply to a question of hand tools vs. power tools. He said he uses whatever tool he needs to get the job done.
When I reach for a belt sander instead of a bench plane, I remember his comment. And I feel good about myself!
Thank you for sharing Mr. Maloof with us.

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