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Re: UPDATE: Making Drawers by Hendrik Varju

An opportunity to learn from Hendrik Varju, sign me up.

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

This would be a great resource.

Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

I've wanted to pick up one of Hendrik's videos for a long time, going back to when I first heard Hendrik on the MBW podcast. Winning one would be nice and this is one of my favorite topics.

Re: Shop Talk Live 7: Mike Gets Crickets

Just left a 5 star and review in iTunes (you wont find me anywhere near Facebook either). I've tried since the beginning to do the audio only, but keep finding myself here to watch the episodes after listening. The whiteboard diagrams and views of project pieces just don't translate audibly.

So what is the plan for the visual content?

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

I've been a huge fan of Taylor Guitars and Bob Taylor for 20+ years. I'm certain that there will be no supply issues that would be caused by something Bob has control of. Bob is very commited to sustainable lumber and keeping exotic instrument grade woods in supply. Yes, for Taylor Guitars first, but I believe that he does make some of his lumber to other builders.

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

Always interested in learning about techniques for better dovetails. Somehow I think practice is the real key.

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

Add me to the many who would love a chance to win this DVD.

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

Thanks FWW for letting us know about this step being taken by California. As a resident of this whacky state, I've already contacted my assembly member and the author of this bill. The issue for me is more about my state jumping ahead of the CPSC and deciding to enact legislation that is really something that needs to be addressed nationally. I'm hoping to be able to buy a new tablesaw in the next year or two and would really like to be able to purchase a large european sliding saw (Felder or MinMax/SCM) but that may not be an option. Personally, I don't want a SawStop brand saw but if similar technology was available for some additional cost on a saw of interest I'd probably buy it. Call me illogical, but I want my options to be the same wherever I happen to live.

Re: A Quick Dovetailed Box

Yes, I'm still using SU6. I downloaded SU7 a while back but haven't yet updated to the new version. Guess I'll go do that now.


Re: A Quick Dovetailed Box

I tried to do this on my own a few weeks ago and was dissuaded by the number of steps involved. I was trying to layout everything by hand and it just seemed that there had to be some simplifications I was missing. The description of the process makes a lot of sense once I've gone through it all a couple of times. The use of the array capabilities for the initial pin layout and the guides makes things much simpler than I was trying to make it.

I did run into one thing that wasn't covered in the example though and am thinking that maybe I did something wrong. When I went to push the top and bottom half pins SketchUp drew surfaces for the missing half of the pins. I then tried to erase them, but since the surfaces were full pin sizes on the ends (the part that is endgrain on the drawer sides) that didn't work out so well. My solution was to intersect the 3 lines for the each of the half pins with the model and then cleanup with the eraser after the push/pull.

So what *should* I have done?

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