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Re: CNC is Knocking on Your Shop Door. Will You Answer?

It's another tool. Like they say, "It's in how you use it." It's not a necessity, but opposition to it on the basis of "purity of the art form" is an aesthetic opinion and personal in nature.

For me, the interest is in the design possibilities it creates. But I would still rather go with a home built unit that allowed the use of a plasma cutter as well. The incorporation of other elements into an overall design is attractive to me. There's a great book out called "Build Your Own CNC Machine" if you're so inclined.

Re: Router Jig To Flattten Large Slabs

Cool stuff. Have you considered automating the whole thing?

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

As the owner of an equipment rental company, I find this decision disappointing but not surprising. The implications are such that if anyone hurts themselves with a piece of equipment, then it is the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer. Nevermind that you chose the piece of equipment, and chose NOT to buy the one with more safety features.

I have encountered this mentality before. Whether it is the laborer who steps into the trench with a running trencher or the operator who stands underneath the load of a jammed forklift, the jury usually decides the case based on pity rather than common sense. So much so, that most insurance companies settle before heading to court. It is aggravating beyond belief when you know that the ignorant actions of the operator are at fault, yet you must absorb the financial damages.

The net result of this case will be that all insurance companies will settle tablesaw injuries before heading to court and workers comp insurance premiums will rise.

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