Leslie Clement, Antioch, CA, US

Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/26/1961

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Re: UPDATE: Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hendrik Varju

I would love to add this DVD to my collection.

Re: UPDATE: In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker by Darrell Peart

G&G is my favorite furniture style. I would love to own this book.

Re: UPDATE:French Polishing: Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques by Derek Jones

French polish leaves such a gorgeous finish. I would love to learn this technique. Please, please, please choose me! I'll be your best friend.

Re: Woodcraft to Acquire Japan Woodworker

I'm pretty bummed about this news. If the Asian woodworking products that can only be found at JW may not make the transition to Woodcraft, that would be a great shame. I've always looked forward to going to Alameda to visit the JW store in person. It looks like I'll never be able to do that, now.

Re: UPDATE: Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels by Hendrik Varju

I plan to buy more vintage planes in the future and knowing what to look for and how to get the best performance from my planes would be awesome.

Re: Gearing Up for a Workbench Video Workshop Series

I look forward to it. I'm a rookie woodworker, who built my bench last year and unfortunately let a non-woodworking Home Depot lumber guy convince me I didn't have to follow the woodworking plan I'd brought with me (he didn't know how to read the cut list). It didn't take long for me to find out my bench was greatly lacking in a few key areas.

I don't have a lot of $ either, so I'm hoping I'll be able to afford the lumber to build your bench.


Re: Black Walnut Coffee Table

Beautiful. I too, like the floating table top.

Re: R2 with Wings

Truly beautiful and unique. I love it!

Re: Oak & Ebony Coffee Table

Nice work! I really like your idea of raising the table top to reveal the beautiful legs you created.

Re: Ash coffee table

This is an awesome table!

Re: Tarantella

Your table is beautiful. I especially like the curved legs, and your combination of black limba and dyed ash is quite striking.

Re: Chest of drawers

Beautiful piece.

Re: Occupy Woodworking

Excellent video production and wonderful philosophy. I am a beginning woodworker and the satisfaction and pride I get from using hand tools is only surpassed by the wonder and joy I get from learning about them.

Re: cradle for grandchildern

Beautiful job.

Re: Free Plan: Arts and Crafts bookcase

This is a beautiful bookcase. I can't wait to create it myself!

Re: Czappa's Studio

Ha! You'd be a perfect candidate for a Workshop Hoarder reality show. :-)


Excellent job. You should be very proud.

Re: Kitchen cutting boards

Very creative and clever!

Re: Arts & Crafts Coffee Table

Wow, it's hard to believe that this is your first "real piece of furniture." The joinery is beautiful. I'm just starting out and this is the type of project I aspire to. Thanks for sharing, SLT.

Re: "Ripple"

This is awesome. Absolutely beautiful.

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