Yellville, AR, US

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Second Hayrake Table

I built this table a second time for our house.  Built out of quarter sawn white oak I had harvested off of land that we own.  Oak, I've discovered, is a bit of a challenge in some ways but well...

Another Good End to Shop Scrap

For the second year in a row, I've made Christmas presents using the scrap I had collected throughout the year.  I hate throwing usable wood in the trash bin or the burn pile.  To my surprise...

A Good End to a Bunch of Scrap

After a summer of projects, I had quite a pile of scrap that was bound for the fire pit in the back yard.  Rather than burn, I decided to build!  All total I built around a dozen cutting boards...

My Awesome Shop!

I was fortunate enough to get to build my dream shop last summer.  It is filled with a lifetime of buying, selling and trading up to the tools I currently own.  The building is 48' x 48' x 16...

Arts & Crafts Coffee Table for the Office

I built this out of rough sawn quarter sawn oak from a local mill that had been stickered and air dried for over a year. The ebony came from a friend who gave me a ragged board that he was going to...

Walnut Version of the Arts and Crafts Hayrake table

Had a great learning experience building this table for a friend.  The table was built out of walnut that had been claimed from a forest blow down.  I had to do a lot of glueup since all...

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Re: My Awesome Shop!

Gotups97, my shop and home are located in one of the best kept secrets in the world: the Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas. I paid $5,000 for the lot that overlooks the creek with city water, sewer, and natural gas. A bargain! Look for the town of Yellville, AR. It's a very special place.

Re: My Awesome Shop!

Jorge, Yes I am. Thanks for the comment; look forward to seeing your shop.


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