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Re: Shop Talk Live 5: Compounding Errors

"Perfect storm of stupidity" indeed....

Holy smokes guys... you are certainly both knowledgeable, but your approach in this video is pretty insulting to a fairly large segment of your subscribers... probably not the best editorial move.

FWW is a magazine I've subscribed to for many years (paper and electronic format) and it is certainly a serious publication. The line between seriousness and snobbishness is a fine one though, and parts of this interview could be seen to reflect the latter.


Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I think of it this way-- if I had two tablesaws in my shop,
a Delta and
a Sawstop

Which one would I choose to let one of my sons use (when they are old enough)

Which one would I choose to let a neighbor or good friend use?

Which one would I choose to let a client use if they were paying me to teach them?

The technology isn't just "nannying" it is good sense, and anyone that thinks otherwise should take a good hard look at what "self responsibility" really means. The other companies chose to take a chance that this "expensive" technology would never see sawdust... they lost that bet and are now going to pay the price for choosing to not even give us the option for a MUCH safer device. This is the reason for government regulation is instances like this; the government has to step in because the companies will never volunteer to do so.

Juat my humble opinion,

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