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I am a professional in the Human Resources, by day. I love woodworking and spend a good deal of money and time on my "professional hobby." I have been to a few woodworking/woodturning classes, but am mostly self-taught.

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Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

I love to make frame and panel doors. My problem? Straight and square...I usually can get one, but not the other...would love to win this resource!

Re: A road trip pays off with nice lumber

There is nothing better than finding a spare board, or two, of wood that you have no idea how you will eventually use it...the flame birch is beautiful, Mike! Loved hearing the story on the podcast, too...

Re: How a big shop speeds up furnituremaking without compromising quality

Sorry...I can't quit salvating long enough to pay attention to the video...great shop!

Re: The Unfinished Cathedral

What a craftsman! In the same vein as cathedral builders, this gentleman spent years studying, crafting and building a project he may or may not finish in his lifetime. FANTASTIC!

Re: Vintage Nakashima

Beautiful..George had a soul that resonated with wood...and the point of the Columbus reference was to age of the tree, I believe...

Re: A Woodworker's Musical Masterpiece

WOW! Amazing craftsmanship, let alone the added fun of the puzzles. Wonderful!

Re: Figured Cherry and Walnut Accent Rocking Chair

Beautiful wood and great evidence of working with the wood to create a great rocker.

Re: Brian Boggs Branches Out

Nice work. Let's face it, however. This is an advertisement for his business. Pure and simple.

Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

Technology is great, but it will be at the expense of new people entering the craft. Hobbyist and younger, less well-heeled woodworkers won't be able to afford a sawstop saw. Lastly, a newbie to woodworking scrapes enough together to buy a saw and cuts into a wet piece of wood, ruins a blade and cartridge, they may not be able to afford first in practice vs. Technology is always better.

Re: Finishing 101

I think you'll need to sand until you sand away the third coat, smooth out earlier coats, and re-apply third coat. I had same problem and it took forever, I.e weeks, before third coat dried.

Re: Occupy Woodworking

I concur with the previous comment! Worked my way through college, started out at an annual salary of $5,200 per year, and worked my way up from there. We'll make it as a country IF we continue to learn to work with our hands. Thanks for the video...inspiring!

Re: Quick and Easy Lumber Rack - Part 1

Hmmmm...I like it...however, stacking in a corner is much quicker...look forward to part 2!

Re: Fly Rod Case

I second that emotion!!! Dry or wet flies, Leslie?

Re: Hassayampa Nessmuck Bench

I like the contrast between the wood and steel...thanks for sharing!

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

Small cabinets hold and hide great things...hand made pens, bowls and boxes. Make one and then decide how to fill it!

Re: Mike's Dream Shop (updated pics 9/2011) - not just a dream anymore.

WOW! It's so nice to finally get your dream shop, huh? Love the praire style as the windows stay out of the way of flying wood, and give you better wall space it! Look forward to final pics!

Re: Patient takes the Design Doctor's advice

I like both of them! The new design is cleaner and fresher. However, the original design had the original builder's own stamp on it. Cleaner or original? How about both? :)

Re: Your safety first

I'm amazed at two things: one is that more fingers, limbs or other body parts aren't damaged on our bodies as we become a bit too comfortable with our tools; I'm more amazed at the size of our colleague's workshops! 140 square feet? In that size shop, you couldn't run away from an accident if you had to. I'm fortunate to have about 550 square feet in my shop, and I feel cramped! Of course, if I'd quit buying equipment and wood, I'd have plenty of room, but that's for another post...glad you're alright!

Re: Winners Announced: You Want What Contest

I agree with Wixom...we stopped smoking on airliners years ago for just such a problem...On the other hand, a barbecued burger at 40.000 feet? Can't beat it! The bed? Silk scarves leave less marks...

Re: Wardrobe

WOW! Gorgeous! Nice choice of woods and design.

Re: Rustic Entry Bench

I love live edges on furniture! Great job and beautiful work!

Re: Paint Shelves

Love it! We woodworkers love to create finished and wonderful utiliterian cabinets, don't we?

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