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Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

"Feelin Groovey"

These are two great planes, I'm very surprized that someone has not started producing them in quantity!

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

For some unknown reason I have been attracted to the numerous articles (pro & con) on the infamous lawsuit involving the Ryobi tablesaw incident. It has been a needless waste of time! I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of those responding to these articles are doing so just to justify thier existance on this planet (there has to be a reason for the existance of so many stupid people). Nothing is guaranteed in life. When you wake up in the morning if you are looking down at the green and not up at the brown you will probably experience one or more of life's little problems, ie, how to hold your spoon, how not to put it in your eye instead of your mouth and some more hazardous events like walking down stairs, riding a bicycle, driving (God forbid) a motor vehicle. Sooner or later you will have to use that GOD GIVEN power of REASON and make a rational decision that if you don't get your head out of that dark stinky place you will probably cut your fingers off using a table saw. Things like that happen and if they do you have no one to blame but yourself. He (God) did not promise you a rose garden! Some homo sapiens are just not destined to do certain things and should by all means restrict themselves to vocations and hobby's that eliminate (nearly) all posible dangers, (like playing with a nerf ball in a padded room).
For those of you who truly understand the word PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY by all means have a wonderful career as a woodworker or any other advocation that may possibly be dangerous if you do not accept RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.
For the rest of you - you milk a cow from the side NOT FROM THE BACK. Maybe the government and courts should get involved in redesign of the bovine animal! Wouldn't that be udderly terrific?

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

During my thirty-four year career in Law Enforcement I was in a position to see and review a great many court decisions. My conclusions? It is the best system of Justice that money can buy! You get what you pay for! It has nothing to do with Justice.
Fortunatly I was taught about rights and resposibilities at a very young age. The Boy Scouts of America pushed me in the right direction. My teachers taught me far more than what the book said. My relatives in the trades taught the value of hard work, respect for tools and those that use them. The 101st Airborne Div. taught me obedience, discipline and pride. Six college degrees taught me to think for myself.
Working with wood and respect for Mother Natures creation has given me a great deal of pleasure during my life. Every time I walk into my shop I thank my maker for the privilage of being able to use all the tools that I have. I do not have a Saw Stop. It is my responsibility to use proper safety practices. Safety practices are common sense, some people cannot be taught common sense. If you have it be thankful.
I have read the comments above of a great many people who obviously have been there and done that. They may not spell or write very well but I suspect that they can create wonders with their hands. I have also read the comments of a few who have given up (prices will go up and I will pay the price). Then there were a few attorneys, To quote Shakesphere, "To cure the ills of the world, the first thing you do is kill all the lawyers".
The decision in this case was ridiculous but it is easier to give the population money than to discipline them or take the time to teach them properly. God help us, the politicians won't.

Re: Inexpensive furniture woods

I have found a source for hardwoods that keeps me in 1/2" thick high quality material for just a little effort. Contact some hardwood flooring installers. Frequently they are ripping out old flooring and installing new. They really don't want to be bothered hauling the old stuff to the dump. I pick it up at the job site, haul it home, bend the nails back and rip it. The groove side is also ripped and the bottom planed. I end up with 1/2" think hardwood 3 1/8th wide of various lengths. There are a bunch of things you can build with 1/2" material and when planed it looks new. Works for me!

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