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Re: Could This Tool Change Everything?

I was disappointed to note that there was no forward motion limiting devise on this highly original push stick.This device would act to ensure that the hands could not reach the blade. Nor was there a perspex shield fitted to protect the user from the kickback that this stick is sure to promote

Something along the lines of a 3' section of broom handle mounted to the side of the push stick and projecting down towards the floor. When the push stick is in the fully deployed position at the end of the cut and the timber is clear of the blade this is when the device should activate and strike the front of the mackine.

As for the shield, I envision somthing similar to the wind screen fitted to early police bikes.

I hope that on the MkII model, these important features will be present and provide users with a reassuring "THUNK" each time it impacts the front of their machine. Or a "THUNK THUNK" in the case of kickback.

I look forward to 1 April 2014

Re: Crafting a Hardwood Mustache

I'm a bit behind the time haveing only just seen the Toupe' and mo. I love them.and was wondering if the timber selected will take on that lovely silver /grey as it weathers so as to keep pace with the wearer.
All the best

Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

I believe some of the comments are missing the point. Yes, you can use common sense and be responsible for your own safety. That does not mean persons in authority (govenment of employer) should be able to abrigate responsibility for workplace safety. Given the opportunity I am sure they would say in a flash , it's the employees personal duty of care, not us.

This is why the WH&S laws exist, to stop unsafe exploitation of vunerable workers by persons in authority.
How many employers would have outlayed the huge amounts of money to extract fine dust or vapor from the air people work in if there was not a law to make them spend the money.

I saw a recent photo of a young woman of child bearing age, in a third world country, scooping out DDT from the large drum that the French manufacturer supplied it in, and weighing it into smaller plastic bags, she had black skin that was white from the DDT dust that had settled on her. She had been given a surgical mask to "protect" her. Do you want that for your daughters or sons in your USA or any where else???? It's those annoying, over regulated WH&S laws that prevent it.

Re: Shop Talk Live 9: Four Finger Swipe

Forget the "very clever" but meaningless titles.It takes ages to down load a blog and when it is not what is expected you switch off or in my case start asking if I should continue to subscribe. Apply the KISS princple to titles. Woodworkers are generally down to earth people and thrive on straight talk not this cryptic rubbish.

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