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I have been an avid woodworker for 17 years. My profession is a cabinetmaker, but I would love to build furniture and make art for a living. OOHHH if only I was born in the right century maybe people would still care about fine woodworking and I could live that dream. Now it's just a mere hobby, and machines make the living at it. Pitty Pitty.

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This is a rocking chair out of bamboo. It took nearly 3 years to complete because I always seemed to be busy and didn't have time to work on it. My friend Neal Unger helped with some of the work so...

Mouse Cabinet

This cabinet is made from Maple. The wicker is beech. The mouse is Cherry.  The dovetails are a design I came up with thinking that it would be neat to do something more difficult then a...

Bamboo Lectern

This is a lectern I built for Gracie Barra America.  Gracie Barra is a school for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The cabinet is made out of natural bamboo. The patch is Padauk and curly maplenbsp...

Bamboo Box for Friend

I built this box as a challenge to myself in the beginning.  A member from another forum mentioned on a different box that the next time I make one I should try to match the grain at the miters...

Bubinga Cabinet

This project started off a lot smaller then it ended up being.  I started making the small door with the marquetry on the inside.  I wasn't sure what I was doing with it, I just knew I...

Behind Closed Doors

This is a cabinet that was inspired by Krenov with my own twists and turns.  This box has a lot of different woodworking.  There is marquetry, turning, carving, and different types of...

Rings of things

This is part of a series called rings of things.  The bowl is maple, the ring is beech, and there are several different species in the marquetry. 

Look Ethal, there's a snake on my cane!!

This little fella seems to have crawled it's way to the top of this cane.  This cane is alder and is hand carved. The scales of the snake are burned on.  The tongue and base are...

Tool cabinet

I built this cabinet to store my card scrapers, scraper sharpening tools, water stones for chisels, japanese chisels, stanly hand plane, miniature finger planes, and some various items.  It is...

Hand Carved Alder Cane

This is a one of a kind HandCarved Alder cane. This cane is for sale. E-mail kolwdwks@yahoo.com if interested.

Walnut Cane

This is a carved walnut cane. The cane is for sale. Please e-mail kolwdwks@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Curved box

Box is made in Maple, Alder, and Walnut.

Shell box

carved walnut box

jewelry box with Krenov twist

This box is lacewood and purple heart. The branches are wenge and the leaves are cocobolo. The handles were inspired by James Krenov and are the runners for the drawers.  The drawers are maple...

Cabin sunset box

This box is made out of walnut and maple. The marquetry is several species such as poplar, walnut burl, walnut, pear wood, curly maple, osage orange, and makore.  The pattern is veneer on a mdf...

Maple Box

This box is made out of maple and has a carved leather panel on the top, bowtie jointer for the lid, dovetail keyed miters for the box.  The marquetry is inlayed in. Everything on this box is...

Behind Closed Doors

This is a Krenov inspired cabinet. It is made out of Padauk, wenge, and maple.

Bubinga Cabinet

This is inpired by Krenov's work. It is made out of Bubinga, wenge, maple, and mahogany.  Everything on this project was made by me except for the Brusso knife hinges and magnets holding...

Recent comments

Re: Raised Panel 36" x 48" wild life wood carving.

Lora S. Irish would be so proud.

Re: Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo Da Vinci

wow, that's a remarkable piece of work.

Re: Official Rules Tip Top Table Contest

The title of the contest is "Tip Top Table Contest" but I don't see any where that describes what that means. In my mind it means a table with a top that can tilt or tip, but looking at the entries there are few that fit that description. Is this a mere "Table Contest" whereas anyone can post a table, or is there a certain criteria that has to be met? I'd like to think that the winner actually have a "Tip Top Table", and not some random entry. Please Clarify.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Civil War Woodworking by A.J. Hamler

Not only would this book be educational to me, but also inspirational. I am always looking for ways to sharpen my design skills, and to be able to see examples of previous works of history will surely enhance that. It is also nice to have a good selection of woodworking books on hand, for those days where you just want to sit by the fire and read.

Re: Cabinet in Chinese Elm

Stunning piece. Very inspirational

Re: Bubinga Cabinet

Thank you all for the kind words. I hope it brings you all inspiration to create something that you've been wanting to make. I know I see other entries here that are very inspiring, and I hope to make some time for the shop.

Re: Monsoon by Bill Wyko Wins Turning Challenge

I have to say that even though the winner and 2nd place are great and all, I think Ken Muldrews piece should have won this one. The others are great as I said but it seems to be common practice to make segmented turnings in this manner. I have never seen one like Kens so its uniqueness alone should have pulled in more votes. I guess if Ken would have posted a forum topic at another site seeking votes he would have pulled this one off. It worked for Bill obviously. Sorry Ken, My vote wasn't enough.

Re: Bolso Partes (purse parts)

That's an interesting piece. I like it

Re: Escherian segmented vase

Very nice! I'd like to try something similar, thanks for the inspiration

Re: Chinese Checkers, anyone?

very nice looking table.

Re: Marquetry tool cabinet

I agree with the others, lets see it open. Very creative and unique design on the outside. Well done.

Re: Full Dress Aaron Burr Desk

wow, this is the nicest project I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Maple Box

USNGunner, the lid is carved leather. The design is out of a book by Lora S. Irish called Wildlife in Relief. Thanks for the comment.

Re: Behind Closed Doors

kmack, the door is solid and the marquetry was inlayed in. Thanks for the kind comment.

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