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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Far be it from me to critique anyone's process or results as I am still relatively new to trying to learn this craft. My view is that the truth is spread around in many of the above comments. If we focus on the ends and say no matter to the means - do we lose something in the value of the journey? Isn't that what YoungElm was getting at ?- his wording was difficult for me....but his comments struck a chord. Considering not only results, but also process and how the application of the process serves to define for each of us individually how we conduct ourselves on the path -to whatever it is that is our goal.
For myself - I am indeed very gratified when glue lines become invisible and glue ups come together without scaring my dog but for me, the craft is more spiritual. I consider something else is working through me trying to reveal little mysteries along the way - I demand high standards for the finished result -then, the process redefines itself little by little each time i start a new piece.

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