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Coffee Table

In it's previous life this coffee table was a king size headboard.  I found the bedframe and headboard at St. Vincent DePaul here in Madison, WI.  I was impressed that the headboard was one...

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Re: Another peek at my traveling tool cabinet

Nice cabinet. The only thing I might add is felt to the bottom of the till. I have found that it helps prevent rust from forming on the metal surfaces of the planes. I also us a felt lined cover for my bandsaw and over 14 years of my bandsaw living in the garage and very little maintenance (a little steel wool and wax once a year) there there is virtually no rust on the surface of my bandsaw table. 3 1/2 years pf that time I lived in Juneau Alaska where it rains almost every day. a number of years in humid Texas and Wisconsin. Just a suggestion.

Re: UPDATED: Help a Fine Woodworker Solve a Veneer Problem

Take the humidor apart and remove the hinge and simple cut a shallow rabbet in the edge wide enough to account for the chip out then either use your accent inlay or veneer. You need a place to grip the top to open it anyway. and a small groove would suffice.

Re: The Not So Big Workshop

Is that a bottle of beer on the workbench?

Re: Japanese paper is a eureka moment

If you want to speed up the drying process try a hairdryer on a low speed.

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