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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

What a bunch of garbage. Personal responsibility and the fact that the guy was cheap and didn't pay for that technology should have thrown this case out. This is a great injustice to all Americans; soon we'll be forced to pay higher prices for tablesaws because a few are just plain stupid. I for one can't afford the Stop Saw. I want to badly, but for the moment it's just out of reach. Maybe someday soon.

Re: What are The Turning Points Along Your Woodworking Path?

Ever since that first class in junior high school in 1987. I remember walking into the shop class for the first time and seeing a real woodshop. Our first project was a sanding block out of pine using only hand tools; once I finished that project I knew I could do anything. It must have been the smell of finishes curing and saw dust that went straight to my head. Woodworking has been a passion both professionally and personally ever since.

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