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Microwave Cabinet

80" tall red oak microwave cabinet. Convection oven  butcher block shelf and pull out cutting board I make with pecan and walnut. I used pocket hole joinery and well as traditional joinery...

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Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

Wouldn't be easier for the government just to outlaw being stupid? That would cover many situations.

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

I have to plug them in?

Re: Black Walnut Coffee Table

Nicely done! I do hope she appreciated it.

Re: My First Jewelery Box

Very nice!

Re: Grand daughters bed

Very nice! What a treasure for a treasure I'm sure.

Re: Tour an 18th-Century Cabinet Shop

Memories, In the middle 80's I was lucky enough to spend a number of weekends in Colonial Williamsburg. I spent hours in the shop just watching. Watching these guys work magic in wood is what inspired me to dream about hand tool wood working. Fortunatley I am doing wood working with antique hand tools.

Re: Patricks workshop

This looks like a working shop!

Re: Winner Chosen for Tablesaw Safety Tip Challenge

Making sure there is nothing around saw on the floor that may cause you to stumble and fall into your saw as your cutting.

Re: workbench

Excellent! Thank you for sharing. This a great idea. I may do it with my new bench.

Re: Woodcarving Lilium

Truly magnificent!

Re: Help us design a workbench for power-tool lovers

I'm planning a new shop and new bench. I had not thought of power in the bench, duh. From the comments I like the idea of drop cord and air lines. I will probably put mine on reels to keep them out of the way when I'm not using them. I prefer traditional hand tools. Sometimes time is more important then approach.
Great Topic, thanks!

Re: Total garage shop makeover

This will be a killer shop! Articles like this are extremely valuable to me as I too am about to build a shop. This spring I retired from a middle school/high school band director. What made this possible is my Internet business that started out as a hobby four years ago. My business involves mostly my craftsmanship. My business has out grown my current backyard sheds/shop(s). That and my wife wants her green house back that is requiring me to expand into a new shop. It was once upon a time in place far away from where I am now that I did residential construction. It was one of my college days part-time and summer jobs to be the fetch and carry type (read strong back and weak mind) for a master carpenter. It was a good thing that I was on my colleges' weight lifting team. I'm saying all this as fine woodworking is somewhat different from structural construction (duh). To help bring myself up to speed on current building techniques and materials and since I am semi-retired I volunteer one to two days a week for local Habitat for Humanity. Habitat here builds five houses at a time and they have an aggressive building schedule. Doing this volunteer construction has significantly improved my knowledge and provided many ideas that I will be able to use on my new shop. It will take time as we will be building as we can afford too. Consequently, I am carefully planning and researching how I can best build with economy and optimal use of structure and space.
Thanks for a great building journal!

Re: Wooden Hinged Box from scraps

Nicely done, very classy

Re: Making the King's Furniture

Truly dedicated craftsmen ship. Aaron's technique is incredibly masterful. I can only imagine what the 17th century craftsmen went through to create such master works. I am amazed the some guys would distract from this master work with non-related tangents. I too work antique ivory as well as tortoise shell on 150 year-old straight razors. Like this masterwork, these items will live on and continue to honor the source and craftsmanship that shows them. I too eagerly anticipate Aaron's next project.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

Hock plane kit.
Saw Stop pro. Want to bet on which one I jut might get?

Re: The Mysterious Case of the Exploding Shellac Can

That's way I mix my own from flake. I mix what I need and that way it doesn't sit around long enough to go bad.

Re: Ace of Purplehearts Workbench

Wow! I would be afraid to use this bench. It looks to beautiful to scare or scratch. I think the joinery is outstanding.

Re: Handplane Storage Case

I have a set of planes with no home. This is what I need to do for mine. Thank you for sharing your terrific work.

Re: Shop made grooving planes

Outstanding! I look forward to seeing more of this from you!

Re: Workshop Cabinet

I like this design and appearance. I'm afraid if I built one for my shop's miscellaneous tools, my wife would confiscate it for the house!

Re: Lingerie Dresser

Very nice! I would like to see it in person. I imagine it glows with is finish and treatment.

Re: Sleigh Changing Table/Dresser

What a grandpa!

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

I suspect that these cookies are a bit chewier then my favorite tall house cookies.

Re: Curved Dresser

Totally awesome! Great imagination!

Re: $12 "Bench Cookies" are biggest news at AWFS

Ya, sure, being from Minnesota myself deese cold winters give ya plenty of time in the shop to come up with da good ideas. Ya betcha, now we have some place besides the hockey rink to puck around.

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