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Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

One more comment.

Do you remember the old Steve Martin movie "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels"? In the movie a cork was put on the end of Steve Martins fork to keep him from injuring himself while he was eating. Is that the next piece of stupid trash that will be proposed?

Take a moment and click on the link to the Assemblyman's site and see some of the other crackpot laws he is proposing and you will see the kind of shallow thinking control freak that is proposing this nonsense.

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

I am a 73year old with a woodworking hobby and I still have all my fingers. There are very few advantages to being my age, however, one of them is that I am sure my trusty cabinet saw will outlive me and I will not be forced to put up with the BS of SS.
Thank goodness I had the common sense not to live in California. I do not know how any rational person could put up with all the downright stupid legislation that flows from their capitol.
Our founding founders must be spinning in their graves.

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

FIRST you mark - THEN you cut!

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