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Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

I think all hammers should have a shield. If you strike a metal chisel with a metal hammer it is possible for a small piece of metal to go flying. The results can be a minor cut or loss of an eye.

All tools should be used with common sense. If you mistreat the tool it might bite back - just like a junkyard dog.

The point is that all tools can be dangerous if used improperly. Nothing will ever get build if we want 100% safety. If you want a Saw Stop - buy one. If on a budget just buy hand tools. Oh, I have had many minor injuries hitting my thumb with a hammer. Had one major injury with a chisel - I was not using best practices. 100% safety would have been to never picked up the chisel.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Don't forget, it was the jury that awarded the money. Many juries are made up of people who are "not" knowledgeable of woodworking procedures. They just think it is the little guy against the big tool company. The jury did not perform their assign responsibility, just like the victim did not perform his safety procedures. I have been woodworking for 30 years and have had one injury. Cut myself using a chisel. And yes, it was my dumb fault.

Re: Tommy MacDonald and WGBH pursue a new woodworking show

I have enjoyed the artistic ability and vision of Dave Marks and the practicality of Norm. I have watched everything on Tom that is on the internet. He is an excellent craftsman of period furniture.

Through the videos Tom has shown to be full of himself. People watched Norm and Crockett (First host of Victory Garden - Boy have they ruined that show)for their down to earth personality . It is about the shows content, not the host's entertainment value.

Tom is a good teacher and craftsman. That is what we want "Tom", not an entertainer, so cut out the self hype and you will be successful.

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