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Piet Mondrian-inspired mirror wall piece

I originally tried to buy colored mirrors for the colored boxes but it was WAY too expensive, so I simply used colored overhead projector sheets cut to size and put them over regular mirrors. Each...

Irregular cherry built-in, TONS of drawers

This built-in is actually a jig-saw puzzle of 7 seperate cabinets so that I could build it at my home shop and then transport it to it's final location.  Each drawer was constructed using handcut...

Bubinga and walnut coffee table

Both top and bottom shelf are made from a single slab of bubinga, resawn and bookmatched.  Legs are made of 3 big blocks of walnut attached with double through tenons and then the bulk was removed...

Recent comments

Re: Bubinga and walnut coffee table

The bottom shelf is attached with table-top fasteners to a groove routed into the stretchers holding it up. It's not screwed or glued down. Thanks for the comments! This was actually the second go-round because I originally used white oak for the legs and I hated it. Had to disassemble the whole thing and make a new base while keeping the top.

Re: Self-Centering Mortising Base for the Router

"Looks wobbly to me, especially on thin stock.. I'll keep using my router table, thank you."

I'm not sure how you're using a plunge router on a router table...

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