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Military Brat born in Panama, Graduated HS in Bahrain, served in US Army 1979-2008. Assignments include Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary, Iraq and Kuwait Retired as Colonel. Now a man of leisure learning to use hand tools and serving community as a volunteer. I learned how to be a RR brakeman, conductor and finally engineer between 2009 and 2011 by volunteering on the Adirondack Scenic RR. I enjoy woodworking, geocaching and being a smart alec. Married to a wonderful woman since 1982 have three kids -- all grown. Life is good.

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Re: How Does a Fine Woodworker Change a Lightbulb?

At rate I work wood... I would need to start the next ladder now in order to be ready for the next change. Of course he could have always taken the opportunity to lower the ceiling to avoid the need for a ladder.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

You should have asked the guy if he uses planes. A plane is nothing more than a jig to hold a chisel. Does he use a marking gauge, same thing only it holds a different cutting device. Did he ever clamp a gauge block in his miter box???? Oh, he uses a miter box?

A Craftsman will use all available/affordable/on-hand technology to achieve the desired end product ... a quality widget that meets/exceeds the customer's need/desire while making a profit for the craftsman, be it monetary or pride.

Re: UPDATE: Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

What a great book for those cold winter days....

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