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Re: Shop Talk Live 8: Just a Splash of Water

Happiness is applying the second coat of Tung oil to a box inspired by FW and listening in the iPod to Jeff Jewitt . Dropping the live stream works for me since I listen to the podcast while finishing, hand tool work, sharpening etc. If I hear of something that I want to see; I go back to the site and play that portion.

One suggestion is that you make available "Cliff Notes" of the podcast with the references. For example; You mentioned that tops for boxes is on the cover of issue #225 the one liner will read " Tops for boxes = Cover #225". Probably some of that material is already written down on the piece of paper that ASA plays with. If you end up with more than one page; you are working too hard.

A benefit of audio-only is that now you can add our West Coast woodworkers (Ipkejian, Ng, Schurch, Bird, etc) via conference call.

When your first issue came out; I bought it and said to myself "Nice but it will never work, too artsy". You adapted then and you are adapting now. Thank you for your great work.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

Drove over 40 years without going thru a windshield. None of my cars had air bags; witnessed an armored truck take too wide a right turn and broadside a Subaru waiting to make left turn. The truck (carrying the Subaru) came to a stop, after crossing two lanes and a broad sidewalk. We could not tell how the driver was because the air bags had deployed; she was quite shaken but no apparent injuries. She did not complain one bit about the bureaucracy sticking their nose into how we drive and forcing the car companies to include seat belts and air bags as standard equipment. Shortly after bought a new car with air bags.

When my Delta burned its third motor after some Bocote and Jarrah chairs, checked every TS out there, including the rare Inca; bought a Saw Stop because it is the best in the market right now. It was pricey; but when I get to the old woodworkers' home, I'll take up piano lessons.

Re: How to Glue-Up Joints: Tips on gluing

Thank you for your posts.


Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: 500 Tables (Updated with winner)

This is going to be very noisy, could be dangerous and very dusty. It took me forever to set up and I still have to get my safety gear on. Maybe it is time to switch to hand tools.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: How to Choose and Use Bench Planes and Scrapers by John English

I wonder if this new book on planes and scrapers is a repeat of what is out there now (just reprinted) or does it cover:

-How to sharpen curved scrapers

-How to modify a hybrid plane to work on curved surfaces

-How to get that swap meet clunker to "look"" really good using abrasive powder

-The ergonomics of planing long boards (i.e. center of gravity, stepping off, etc.)

-How to make your own custom scrapers from old hand saw steel

What is in the book that has not been covered before?? Do we need another book on the parts of the plane and how to sharpen straight scrapers?

Re: How to Glue-Up Joints: Tips on gluing

One of my sources of material (wood/hardware) is from old/broken salvaged furniture. It is amazing how many of the really old pieces don't have glue failure no matter how hard you try to break them at the glueline.

Questions that I need help with:
I have seen some people apply a light layer of glue; then they wait a few minutes for it to start to dry and then they apply a second heavier layer.
Does the two layers method gives a stronger joint?
Why or why not?
What is the optimum waiting time between layers?

Thank you!!

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