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Re: FREE PLAN: Rip Fence Extension: A Safer Way to Cut Plywood

In 1989 I patented the table extension method as shown in this article, except with the added element of a telescopic support leg at the end of the fence extension, an absolutely critical component as cited by the previous postings.
U.S. Patent # 4,817,693.

I marketed the product then under the trade name, Joiner's Edge, and developed it into a multi-function modular component woodworking system built around a very robust and precise four-sided T-slot extrusion. The system integrates fence, stop, table extension and flexible fixturing capabilities. The stops evolved to include a digital upgrade.

Nearing semi-retirement from 40 years of woodworking and carpentry, I have taken initial steps to bring the product back to market as of this past Spring. I've renamed it:

1-FENCE: The Operating System for the Thinking Man's Shop.

Right now you can see an archival vidoeo of the entire system in action (at IWF 1990) at:

(For now, you will be automatically re-directed to the Tech page of my woodworking site:

After you click on the red "1-FENCE" link, the first thumbnail at the top of the photo index will take you to the video.)

I have a new run of extrusion and deluxe stops available for sale right now, along with a limited stash of table extension and other components.

I expect to be ready for general sales of the entire selection of system components right after the first of the year. A complete new product presentation, a useful Small Shop Kit offering, and price list will appear on the site before Christmas.

(My heartfelt thanks to Fine Woodworking Online for this incredibly timely coincidental thread...)

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