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Simple dovetailed box

Simple dovetailed box - cherry and fiddleback maple.

Pennsylvania Spice Box

I made this Pennsylvania spice box from plans published in FW #196 by Steve Latta. I modified the feet (I did not like the original flat bracket feet and thus made ogee bracket feet) and the...

Shaker-style end table

This Shaker-style end table (see Christian Becksvoort's article in Fine Woodworking #210) is the first piece of furniture I completed. It is made of cherry (curly cherry for the top) and poplar...

Recent comments

Re: Flatten Wide Boards without a Big Jointer

Maybe it's just me, but this method feels like an awful amount of work compared to jointing with a hand plane, a straight edge and a couple of winding sticks. Cheers!

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box

Thanks for the kind words! I did not have a specific purpose for this box when I decided to build it. Actually, I usually build pieces because they teach me new techniques, not necessarily because they are useful to me. Therefore, I usually give them away as gifts. I suppose one would use this box to store jewelery nowadays.

Using colored wax on the inlay is an excellent idea! I will have to try it. Thanks! :)

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

Hey Matt, I'm already a member of the web site. Instead, I was referring to the possibility of reading the entire magazine digitally on a tablet (I have an iPad). I like the idea of being able to carry boat loads of magazines with me everywhere, and being able to search through all those magazines to find the right info, whether or not I have an internet connection.

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

When will I be able to get my internet hands on Fine Woodworking magazine?

Re: Shaker-style end table

Thanks! The simple and elegant lines make it a timeless piece indeed!

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

Eureka! That hair loss product will help me get my groove back on!

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