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Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

10 hours of tv that's legit

Re: UPDATE: Making Drawers by Hendrik Varju

No better way to spend time than watching woodworking dvds.

Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking


Re: 1810 shaker table

I really like the grain pattern on the top- looks beautiful!

Re: Mahogany Lowboy

Add some pics of the top and drawers!

Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

I don't speak French!

Re: New grade 10 intro project

Great to hear woodshop teachers haven't gone extinct!

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

Ironically I bought both of Doug's other two books over the weekend

Re: Deinonychus Skull

Best thing I have seen presented in this forum! unique, awsome

Re: Sculpted Walnut Settee


Re: Scott Morrison Inspired Cradle

beautiful! not a right angle to be seen anywhere!

Re: Console table with mirror

Table looks great. But I am awash in ignorance- how do you finish with white soap?

Re: UPDATE: Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hendrik Varju

thats 11 hours of time spent avoiding real work

Re: Let's Rock

original and looks great! Nice job

Re: UPDATE: Renaissance Intarsia, edited by Luca Trevisan

i dont think i could spell the title of this book but I still want it.

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

I would like to win those books.

Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

i would like to review this book, thank you.

Re: Welsh Lovespoon carved from a single piece of New South Wales rosewood

Amazing! your website has a lot of great lovespoons as well-


thank you for sharing

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

Merry Christmas me if I can win!

Re: Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator Chair

That is simply awesome. Way to find inspiration wherever it may appear!

Re: Williamsburg, Day 2: Mind-Blowing 3-Way Miter Joint

I just got home from the first session at Williamsburg and it was by far the best of the three I've been to. Andrew's precision joinery was amazing yet he made it seem achievable; discussing the combination of router work (by his admission his router table is a piece of plywood with the router underneath- very basic) and hand-sawing with some final handplaning to the pencil line.

Wholeheartedly I agree this is worth a fine woodworking article!

Re: Curly Cherry and Maple Coffee Table

That top is fantastic- great job

Re: For The Love Of Nature

In my opinion the most original piece submitted to date. Great job it looks fantastic yet still practical.

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