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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Infuriating. I'm sure the sole holder of the patent on "flesh detecting technology" is cheering the verdict.

Sawstop has lobbied to legislate mandatory use of their system at many levels, including they be a required feature on all saws sold in this country and, having failed that, required use in all school wood shops. Such obviously self-serving tactics are "unsavory" to say the least. Imagine a school shop outfitted with all Sawstop table saws. Now imagine a bunch of teenage boys when they learn that all they have to do is touch the SIDE of the blade to see this really cool mechanism in action! Every Sawstop would be out of commission within a day.

I would never buy a Sawstop product because of their sleezy marketing/lobbying tactics. I have also dissuaded three saw buyers (that I know of) from purchasing a Sawstop when I told them of their practices. I hope this bad press spreads like wild fire.

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