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Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

Count me in.

Re: UPDATE: Making Drawers by Hendrik Varju

This would be great!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

I'm in!

Re: UPDATE: Handmade Furniture: 21 Classic Woodworking Projects to Build for Your Home by Rafael Nathan

This looks like a great book.

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking's Tables and Chairs

My hat is in the ring too.

Re: UPDATE: Outdoor Wood Projects by Steve Cory

Me too, please.

Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

include me, thanks

Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

Excellent series

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

I would like to have this book authored by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy.

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

Thank you for the opportunity

Re: UPDATE: Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening by Thomas Lie-Nielsen

Very good series. I don't have this one/

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

I'd like to try marquetry.

Re: UPDATE: Turning Toys with Richard Raffan

I am a turner too.

Re: UPDATE: Wood Bender's Handbook by Zachary Taylor

Hi, please consider my hat being in the ring. Joe

Re: Turning Tools on the Cheap

waynedafoe is right. David Heim is wrong.


I assert that David is expressing an opinion supported by personal fortunate experience and intuition, not metallurgy.

"Old files are a readily available source of a hardened steel, there have been a lot of articles published that describe using them, and every gathering of woodturners has at least one "expert" on the subject. This doesn't make them a safe woodturning tool, and I (Russ Fairfield) am an advocate of NOT using an old file for making a cutting tool. Yes, we can anneal, harden, and temper them just as we would another piece of high carbon steel. But, the difference is that every groove in the surface of the file is a stress concentration where a crack into the steel is waiting to start. Many of these files may already have hairline cracks that have started to migrate into the steel. We can grind the surfaces, and we can do all sorts of heat treatment to temper the steel to a useable hardness, but it is impossible to remove a hairline crack. We cannot see them, and it only takes one (1) to make it a dangerous tool."
Source: Making Our Own Turning Tools by Russ Fairfield

I spoke with Alan Lacer about his research last weekend. He also believes that files make dangerous turning tools. He has done quite a lot of research with metallurgists. For example, please see his article "Putting the Steel to the Test" published American Woodturner Summer 2008, Pages 52-54.

Joe W.

Re: UPDATE: Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

I'm in too

Re: UPDATE:French Polishing: Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques by Derek Jones

Hi, I would like to be included. Thanks. Joe

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

I want to throw my hat into the carving ring too! Thanks. Joe.

Re: FineWoodworking.com Gets a Makeover

Hi, Ed. Thanks for the change. I will not miss the narrow format. The new layout is much more inviting. Joe

Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Count me in too.

Re: UPDATE: Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels by Hendrik Varju

I would like to win this DVD set.

Re: Shop Talk Live 12: Special Guest Nick Offerman

7:55 PM in Illinois. Is there a link that I cannot see? Where are you guys?

Re: UPDATE: Making a Welsh Stick Chair with Hugh Roberts

My hat is in the ring

Re: UPDATE: Arts & Crafts Style Coffee Table with Gregory Paolini

Hi, I am in.

Re: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live!

Hi, I'd like to go to the show too.

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

Please include me in the drawing. Thanks.

Re: UPDATE: Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics with Dave Richards

Hi, this would be very helpful.

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

I would like to have this DVD!

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

Well, I don’t think I’d try it if I read about it. I woodwork to relax, to enjoy myself. Thankfully, I am not trying to produce as much as possible, as fast as possible. This type of get-it-done-quick technique does not appeal to me.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Working with Tablesaws, from the editors of Fine Woodworking

Interesting cover.

Re: The Sale of Fine Woodworking Magazine

Ugly, ugly, ugly. I was totally hooked until I reached the new name and jumped back to the top to check the posting date. Whew!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wood Finishing Fixes by Michael Dresdner

I find Michael Dresdner's advice to be very helpful.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Tables You Can Make, from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

I would like to have a copy.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: The Chairmaker's Workshop by Drew Langsner

Nice cover

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Windsor Chairmaking by James Mursell

I would like a copy of this book.

Re: Call for Submissions: Get design help from Fine Woodworking and Hank Gilpin

I am not a writer and I like the way you write, using words for color, spice and to convey and generate enthusiasm. I am a well known architect, in my licensed state at least, for my design skill in my area of expertise. I have served on design competition juries, been interviewed by newspapers, given at least 50 speeches on the topic that I am passionate about. I have influenced the development and refinement of a design theory.
I wish I would have been the first to post a response to your announcement. It is a terrific idea.
One thing about juried competitions – usually even the winners do not get constructive feedback. My work has gotten better over the years because I have been able to thrash it out one to one and three to five with incredibly talented designers in my area of interest.
Best regards, Joe

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

My hat's in the ring for the cookies!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Turning Boxes with Threaded Lids by Bill Bowers

My hat is in.

Re: Pyramid supported vessel

Excellent wooddood. As they say at CTW, I bet those side were hard to turn. :-)

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Creating a Fine Art Entry Table by Robert Ortiz

I'm in.

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Jointer and Planer Secrets by Hendrik Varju

I'm tossing my hat into the ring.

Re: Poll: The Next FWW Tool Test

I am not interested in any of the listed prospects. This has been done so many times. In any of the woodworking magazines I subscribe to, I look at the pictures, see what 'won', say "that's nice", and move on never reading the text anymore. I would rather you use the space, effort and resources presenting a project I can build. Best regards, Joe

Re: David Marks Shop Tour

Great tour and commentary. Thank you.

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