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coopered maple box

Coopered maple base with figured maple top and ends,brass pivots, carvedfeet and walnut handle.  Lacquer finish.

whimsy box

Maple and Mahogany with turned top, bandsawn and flocked drawers. Rear drawers slide in either direction. Origanlly concieved to be full round but thought it would be too big to be practical.

Recent comments

Re: Fast Fix: Vise Insert Prevents Racking

are you talking aboout the adapters for the metal handles for hosaluk or Kelton type handles? If so try craftsupplies.com

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

When it comes down to it seems to me it is always carelessness. It's disregard for safe practices or lack of knowledge as to what safe practices are. Any thing that cuts can hurt you be it hand saw chisel,band saw razor blade,etc. Really can't expect the manufacturers or the govt. to make "fool" proff tools. And fools we be when we are careless. Trying to tink of a senario where an accident wasn't caused by someones' carelessness or ignorance. As to the ignorance I would like to see Saw Stop saws in all school woodshops. One thiing to be an adult and hurt yourself another to be a kid. Although the Saw Stop isn't going to keep a piece from kicking back.
I'm very happy to see the manufacturers putting riving knives on their newer products. I believe these additions will prevent many of the common kick-back injuries.
One rule I do my best to follow is that if it feels uncomfortable don't do it. I have the crowns on my two front teeth to remind me.

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

I'm sure this is all a vision of the near future for data delivery. I agree with one of the other posts that I am concerned that it means that content will be tiered and that there will be several subscription rates. I subscribe to the print magazine and over the internet. I would not like to see my subscription limited or cost increased in order to incorporate new tech. which may or may not prove useful. Don't forget that the ipad is untested for shop use. Also agree that Apple is way too proprietary for my taste. Have ATT but only because it is the cheapest in my market. I suspect that is not universally the case.
All that aside does anyone know how to read something without a battery or create and design with a pencil and paper anymore?

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

I Worked in a custom cabinet shop for a number of years which made single runs. Some of them made it to national magazines. Not too long ago the owner bought a large CNC to cut out parts. His thinking was that the machine would keep him from having to hire more help and of coarse maximize the profits. Well in the end he laid off at least one employee and had two full time people programing and running the machine. I'm not sure that given the cost of monthly payments and two psydowood techs if he saved money or not. That's also three people who weren't becominig craftsmen.
On a different course. I think that sometimes CNC milled things look too perfect. The human body is interesting because its not perfectly symetrical. One side of the face is different from the other etc. Its the small flaws, the inconsistencies that constitute beauty. As wood workers we are always striving for a perfection we can never realize because of our hunman limitations. I think that's a good thing. I believe CNCs are here to stay in the business of woodworking, They are the new apprentice. But where do master craftsmen come from if not from apprentices?

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wood Turning, from Tree to Table by Bill Bowers and Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw by Carole Rothman

Being a neophite self taught turner I can use all the help I can get. Have another Rafin book---very good.

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

Seems we have the conservatives and the liberals here, just like polotics. The conservatives wnat to keep doing things because" that's the way we've always done it" and everyone expects it. The liberals know other ways are just as good but want can't quite get the meesage across. Oh iI forgot the moderates who try to find the best of both camps. Thank goodness for all three. the keepers of the flame. The avant guard and the inbetween. I love the old master painters but,as with woodwork, it would be pretty boring if styles and techniques never changed. Dovetails can be beautiful but they are no longer "necessary" to hold a box together. Other methods may be just as strong and may appeal visually but have not yet been accepted by the public. It seems that it is our job as woodworkers to educate the public that dovetails are not the only mark of craftsmanship and just because a piece has none does not make it inferior.

Re: Can Fine Woodworking and art furniture coexist?

Another comment or two. I remember reading about some great sculpter(can't remember who) who, when asked how he got the idea for a piece, remarked that he let the material become what it wanted to be, what was already inside. I am no artist and have done my share of forcing my design on a piece of work.
FW will be the last mag I quit subscribing to. The more exposure to other craftsmen and ideas the better and the more skilled we become because of it the better.

Re: Can Fine Woodworking and art furniture coexist?

I love making useful things that stretch the envelope. would choose something artfully made over art for art sake. It's great that a few have the ability to make a living making beautiful thiings of no pracrtical use other than inspiration but how many of us can earn a living that way. Would rather make something beautiful, beautifully made, and useful.Not that it can't be unusual.

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