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Not quite dream shop

I've got limited space, but my dream shop is much much bigger with many more machines and benches and cabinets and tools!

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Re: Cutlists are a waste of space

I sort of agree with the FWW cutlist argument as even in my own designs, my cutlist goes out the window once I've got the material rough cut.

However, when looking at someone else's project, it is extremely important to be able to assess the feasibility of the project (costs, materials, etc.).

To this end, short of a true cutlist, a summary of parts would be valuable so I don't have to pore through the drawings to cull that information myself.

Also of value would be a clearer notion of the initial stock/material I would expect to need. Others have suggested this as well. Sort of a summary of "we used 47 full sheets of baltic birch, 250 6"w x 8"l 8/4 bubinga boards, about 472 stainless steel 3 1/2" hi-lo threaded panhead pocket screws and a single piece of 12"w x 12'l african ebony" *chuckle*

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