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Re: Shop cabinet done right

100 bf?? you're a piker. After 35+ years doing woodcarving commissions, I decided it was time to inventory. I am also crowded for room due to the accumulation. I came up with 632 bf valued in today's market at about $3600. Species vary from alder to zebrawood - really. I've made a list of the big stuff which I am distributing to various woodworking groups in my area (Sacramento). Then I'm going to Craig.s list. I've sold some and hoping to decrease inventory by at least 25%. Anybody interested in the list? My email is jallenwc@juno.com. I will make deals but must have shipping costs.

Re: New cabinet saw from SawStop

There are so many tablesaws out there that any government mandate could cause a woodworkers' recession. What would really save the day would be an aftermarket adaption of SawStop technology that could be applied to a broad range of other makes. Surely this could be marketed for less and could be a better profit center than a full SawStop machine. Other makes may object for some marketing reasons, but imagine - SawStop technology on a Unisaw!

Re: L-Shaped Supports for Carving on Turned Spindles

Dennis - nice work. Some years past I had a commission for a headboard with two bedposts with 30" turned and carved tops. I constructed a similar rig but in order to prevent rotation, I modified both ends to include a clamping arrangement. One end was a slotted hole with a bolt and wing nut to secure. The other end of the workpiece was square so I devised a collet that fit over the square and would rotate within the hole in the bracket, again with a bolt and wing nut. The carving was of California wildflowers spiraling around the post top. It was in walunt. It worked great. Too bad I've never had another use for it.

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