Rev Dr Marshall Snead, San Diego, CA, US

Former United States Marine, I was wounded in the line of duty while in Sierra Leon Africa and am now retired at the age of 31.
i live in a small apartment in San Diego Ca., with dreams (day and night..lmao) of spacious work shops and room for wood.

Birthday: 06/20/1977

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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

i am a fairly young man at 32, but i am an old soul. i still believe in the "manors" that i was taught, and learned, as i grew up. it may sound cheesy but whenever i am doing anything that directly or indirectly involves anyone, or anything that has become of, due to a direct action or thought of someone else, i simply put myself in their shoes, would i want someone out there recreating my blood sweat and tears and putting their name on it? no i wouldnt an i dont believe anyone wants me doing that.

things like this should go without saying, but in time and all the "not saying" people forget the message, we all need a refresher now and again. we are in this together!


Re: Setting up shop: Which machine first? And why.

i guess i will comment on this topic, since "my first machine" thoughts and ponders are still fresh in my mind.i have been in and around wood working my entire life, but i just started creating my first "true work shop", and after about 2 months of weighing pros and cons on whats to come first..... i decided on a "band saw" since my space is limited during the house hunting days i went with a 10" craftsman bench top band saw...the way i look at it is, if a cross cut is deeper than the throat of my B.Saw, then i still have my trusty miter box and hand saw, but now instead of having to size my projects to the "mill standard stock cut sizes" i can re-saw my stock down to custom sizes, and start making things the size "I" want them. i am now able to make cuts in 2 minutes that would normally take me 30 minutes to set up and creat "squared supports" to ensure my cuts are perfectly say "tenon's" and mortises (if i want to dowel and glue everything back so in my view i made the "hands down" best decision (for my needs at least) by choosing a "Band Saw" sometimes i wish i bought a little larger one, but then when i am using that little extra space, i once again realize, i got what i need.

anyone have thoughts or ideas that i may have missed in my decision making process? i welcome any and all, and respect the experience.

i would like to thank you all in advance, and thank all those who have come before me...


Re: Cherry Dresser & Mirror

VERY NICE, great use of grain, and opposing color.i also like the shelves on the edge of the mirror, are the vertical doors on the mirror topper functional? still a great piece even if they dont. if i saw this piece for sale somewhere i would definitely purchase it wayyyyyy before i would purchase some of those furniture companies "manufactured" pieces. thanks for sharing..

Re: Guitar Case

i really like your functional piece of art, great job. i didnt see any of the "in construction" pictures, i only saw them all once it was done. nice job using "found" stuff from start to finish, i am looking forward to maybe seeing future projects??? i hope so. thanks again for sharing.

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