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my parents worked at lumberyards for the greater part of my younger days. as young as 7 years old i was tinkering with scrap's building verius things. i worked through highschool and college for an ever changing old rustic inn owned by an archutect. there i develouped my ability to use hand tools. i attended college at SUNY Delhi in Delhi NY for carpentry and masonry and found i never wanted to do masonry again. after graduation i stumbled on a job in a cabinet shop. there i learned truely how wood works and the finer details of the craft. when i was layed off from the cabinet work i started installing tile for 6 months till i was laid off from that. been out of work sence.

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Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

as table saw safety goes its a matter of negligence in the worker sometimes(accidents do happen even when doing it right). i've worked on job sites every time i needed to make a cut i needed to make a new push stick because my co workers(and employer) would throw away my push stick every time they came to the saw and it was easier to make a new one then to try and find the old one. when i was installing tile a few years back i saw a guy with 3 missing fingers cross cutting a 2x10 free hand and when i said something about using a miter gauge he got pissy with me. every one is in a hurry and safety takes back burner when in a rush.

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

my first "construction" job was working for an old inn that was owned by an archutect(i know im a bad speller, please bare with me). he would not let me touch a power tool for the first year and half i worked there. that is were i learned how to work with my hands to make things beautiful, spacificly matching old with new. latter i learned how to use powertools to affectivly do the same with even more prasition. now if i had started with powertools i beleave my skills would have been tanted as meny carpenters are these days. i beleave CNC's to be fantastic tools for the experianced woodworker to bring there art to the next level with less flaws. but i do not beleave it to be a tool to make anyone a woodworker and that i think is the problem CNC's will be......

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