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Woodworking is genetic, going back at least 3 generations and working on a fourth.

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I mean no disrespect to anyone who has offered an opinion about this lawsuit. From my perspective after retiring from practicing law for >20 years, I cannot do the same. I did not participate in the trial and I have not read the court papers. I also do not know if an appeal has been filed and, if so, what the briefs say.

I only know this one thing exceedingly well from years of experience: every case is unique. There may have been some aggravating circumstances that informed the jury one way over another. For example, what if there was convincing evidence that the judge made a mistake; or Ryobi was going to offer a model with the saw-stop feature but pulled the plug only because it would place the saw at a price point outside of Ryobi's self-defined market; or the injured plaintiff would have bought the better saw if it existed; or the injured plaintiff was a highly skilled craftsman and was exercising extraordinary care; or Ryobi made promisses in its literature that its saw was as safe as the Saw Stop saw; or the decision was based on insufficient warnings in the saw's documentation and on the saw itself when the state of the art in the business requires much more?

I didn't do product liability law so I have no reason to favor one side over the other. I'm just as fond of Darwin's theory of gene pool cleansing. I'm just saying that I haven't seen enough to pass judgment on this case either way.

Re: Solutions for splinters

I can't believe nobody's mentioned Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper. It can be had for $4 to $6, and the model I prefer has a clip that will hang it on a key chain in no more room than two small flat keys! I'm never without a pair.

I haven't had a splinter, big or minute, that hasn't succumbed to the Sliver Gripper. Even when the splinter is tiny and below skin level, the tweezer can gently and precisely peel the skin away from around the entrance wound. As soon as you see the head of the splinter, consider it gone!

I don't work for this company and I'm not in any way affiliated with it. I'm only a fan who wishes he had invented it. If I had the resources, I'd engrave my name on them and use them as business cards.

Just Google "Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper." Or they may be sitting unassumingly at your local hardware store's checkout counter.

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