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Oak, cherry, brass and leather credenza

I needed a place to store the stereo, cable, TV, apple TV components under a wall mounted TV. I wanted to design a visually appealling and functional item which would make people take a second look...

Loop side-table

I dry to design functional furniture that will engage the viewer/user. The Loop side-table is composed of steam-bent, 2" wide, 5/16" ash and butternut wood obtained from httpwwwartisanlumbercom...

Rock table for hallway

I try to make furniture which contains some unexpected design element. In this piece, it was my hope that the extreme cantilever of a lacquered-finished walnut table top, off of a granite post, would...

Chest of draws [sic] Revealed

I had previously posted this project, showing the front. As the readers are all woodworkers, I thought you may find the back side of the carcass equally interesting. The stiles and rails, on the face...

Probing the limits of picture frames

I had been away from woodworking for 2 decades and forgot what I use to know. I needed some simple projects to help me re-learn woodworking. I decided to explore the "intellectual" limits of the...

Chest of draws

The intent was to build a chest which contained a set of randomly distributed drawers. Given the constraint that each draw had to be neither too large nor too small, ultimately, I could not design a...

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Re: Why do you work wood?

Woodworking is less expensive than regular visits to a psychiatrist, but not by much.

Re: Free Plan: Build a Picture Frame

I think woodworkers have not yet explored the limits of frames. Here are a few examples of non-standard frames... http://gallery.me.com/hzmd#100372

Re: Chest of draws [sic] Revealed

It was mostly designed using paper, cut-up pieces of paper and pencil. I think some of it was done on a Mac computer using an old drawing program.

The goal was to create the appearance of a set of randomly placed drawers, however all drawers had to be functional. The drawers range from 6" x 6" x 18" to 26" x 24" x 18". I used a Leigh dovetail jig to create the internal spline joint of the carcass and all the other dovetails.

No (significant amount of) blood was drawn during the creation of this project.

I have tried to create furniture that makes the viewer look/think twice at the project. Here are my other projects... http://gallery.me.com/hzmd#100082

I want to thank Norm Abrams for getting me into woodworking some 20+ years ago. My first project was the workbench he did on his first show.

Thanks for your interest.


Re: Chest of draws

"Draw" is my error. It will not happen again.

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