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Re: Amazing Bed in a Box

You should file a patent!

Re: Shop Talk Live 36: Definitely a Dovetail Disaster

Regarding your old growth doug fir beam. I have a similar story.
I moved into a rented house and there was a 4x6x8' stick of doug fir sitting on the back fence just laying on the top rail of the fence, not attached to anything unfinished and grey with age, obviously a piece of forgotten stock. I took it into my shop and ran it through the planer and it turned out to be old growth with close to 200 rings per inch. Whoever left it there didn't know what it was. It's really a shame that this ancient tree was cut down to become fence posts.

Anyway I turned it into a nice console table. With 200 rings per inch it's as fine grained as mahogany.

So go for it! I didn't have to do any structural surgery but some of the best material is found material and you do it much more honor turning it into furniture than into fence posts.

Re: Shop Talk Live 36: Definitely a Dovetail Disaster

Regarding using plane shavings for tinder, I have been doing this in the barbecue. I have a chimney starter but instead of using newspaper a small paper bag full of plane shavings actually works much better. The wood shavings burn hotter and longer than paper but being dry they burn just as easily.

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