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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I agree with the concensus here. Yes sawstop technology is available but expensive. If a buyer chooses not to purchase it, the manufacturer shouldn't be held liable for the buyers choice. I've read many of the comments here, and most of you are speaking as individual woodworkers who buy your own machinery. What about your employees? Do you think the employer has a responsibility to use available technology to prevent injury? How about your local school? Should kids be using saws without safety stops? Your Insurance carrier probably has a point if he tells you to spend the extra money and avoid the claims costs. If I recall correctly, many large tool manufacturers balked at the technology because using it on their table saws would create new liability for all their other products, not because the technology was too expensive. SawStop as a small company, sticks to high dollar equipment because they don't have the financial muscle to mass produce equipment profitably. For most manufacturers, it wouldn't cause undue expense. Revamping their entire product lines WILL be disruptive and very expensive. Don't be surprised to see the consumer product safety commission mandate this sort of technology. I hate the handle I have to hold down when walking behind my lawn mower too, but enough fools reached under a running mower to force the rules to change.

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