reynoldsburg, OH, US

retired u.s.a.f. cabinet and furniture makes since 1970. still dont know all but am learning, not a fan of hand tools think that modern equiptment was available back then the old time wood workers would have used.

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Re: Military Shadowbox

your shadow box shows fine skill and the care that one has for anouther. don't worry about the imperfections if anyone says anything about them just tell them if they can do better then get at it. us old military folks are happy to meet others with the same background reguardless of branch of service. fine job again.
tsgt r. harper ret. usaf

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

Having worken in hand shops and cnc shops i find that the assembly of furnituer is smoother and more accurate with cnc produced parts, a lot less of the fine resources are not thrown out because of a o shucks. Given the opportunity to build with a cnc or by hand do you think that the Egyptians would still build there temples with hammer and chisel or that Green and Green would still use back saws? Lets pull our heads out of the sawdust pile and accept that just as much if not more can be learned useing machines and for thoese that don't beleave that the dinosores are waiting for you.


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