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Re: Morris Chairs in Walnut

beautiful chair, very well done. I've made three now to date all in red oak but I do believe I like the walnut as much. Very nice indeed.

Re: How to cut stopped dadoes with a router table

come on guys this is old hat stuff. a better way is to use a mechanical stop clamped to your fence for dead on accuracy and most important use a sled for safety. I can't believe anyone would consider making a cut like this without a backer board and a clamp. Lowering a board into a spinning bit without support. '' WOW ''

Re: Live edge cherry slab coffee table

I love the table itself but I'm not sure of the shelf under the top The book matched live edge top, the legs , the tressel all beautiful but the shelf..... In my eye your messing with tradition. Maybe I'm being too brutally honest here but it just seems out of place. Now if the shelf were to be live edge this would be intirely different. Just one persons opinion thats all.

Re: What Really Happens on a Fine Woodworking Photo Shoot

love your pickin Rollie, love your mag. My sat. radio in the shop is always on the bluegrass channel or Willies roadhouse. I bet yours is too.

Re: Bubinga and walnut coffee table

Man this really is a beautiful little table. I myself am a table guy and you have my admiration. But my thoughts were also with Ralph's. Wood movement on the lower shelf might be an issue. From the photos maybe we can't see what allowances you made. Very nice indeed.

Re: UPDATE: Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening by Thomas Lie-Nielsen

I have watched many videos on sharping and still I can't get those beautiful thin shavings from my hand planes. I would love this publication.

Re: Draw latched a more elegant solution in adapting Wynn filter to Grizzly Dust Collector

Hey Szoots nice touch. I did my up grade last summer and it works marvelous. Mine is a one hp. with a cyclone in front of the intake and I have yet to clean the Wynn. everything goes in the cyclone The article said it wouldn't work that well with a one hp colector but i'm really pleased with mine. Thanks for sharing Denis.

Re: Free Plan: Mahogany Coffee Table

The hardest part I see on this project is to shap the legs. Maybe i'm missing something here but wouldn't it be a lot easyer to cut and shap a thin pattern for the legs then cut and shape your leg blanks to the pattern then round over the edges.on the router table. Done. I've been thinking about making this table for a long time and thats the way I will approace it.

Re: Ash coffee table

This table has a lot of interesting things about it. The leg design and the offfset. Sweet, I like it.

Re: Dining Room Table

Stunning, this is full blown gorgeous.

Re: Matsuri

The dovetail fingers attaching the legs to the top show incredible detail. Beautiful work. This must be an obsession. Man you must be driven.

Re: Bow Arm Morris Chair

sweet !!! for a guy new to this woodworking stuff , this shows great promise. You should be very proud. The only thing I might change is to go to a darker stain but thats only me. Very nice indeed.

Re: Workbench and tool cabinet

this bench is beautiful truley an insperation. I can't wait to start mine, right after I finnish tke six projects I have started and Need to finnish this winter." so many project and not enought time " Still every once in a while we do a project for ourselves. This one will be mine.

Re: Live Edge Inlaid Ambrosia Maple Dining Table

incredible beautiful

Re: Chess Set, Table, & Chairs

Your work is incredibly beautiful and the attention to detail is astounding. This comming from a perfectionist and a chess connoisseur.You have my full admiration.

Re: Low tech, low cost router table

what about ventilation, that router will get very warm inside the cab.

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